With Arrow not airing this week lets take a look at next weeks episode of Arrow, major spoilers ahead with the identity of Prometheus.So elt's break down the trailer.

The first scene is of Oliver suited up as the Green Arrow and he seems like he has found Talia in the present day.Oliver asks Talia who Prometheus is, and Talia tells Oliver that Prometheus is Adrain Chase.This scene will most likely take place at the begging of the episode as the remainder of the episode will deal with Susan being held kidnapped bu Adrian.

Here Oliver is encountering Prometheus, but it doesn't seem like he is wearing the suit so Oliver may be confronting Adrian out in the open, and asking what he has done with Susan.

The next shot is a video of Susan being held, hostage.The lighting makes it confusing as to who is watching the video.Ther orange lighting could lead to it seeming like Talia and Oliver are watching the video, but there is a white band on the arm of the person on the left which is questioning who is watching this video.

In this shot we see Oliver confronting Adrian in a hospital room, and we see that the police captain is in medical care.It is going to be interesting how Oliver and Adrian get at each other when they have not suited up as hero and villain.

Oliver seems like he is investigating a house trying to fin Susan, but Oliver threw the Green Arrow under the bus and not he is being caught by the police.But he smokes arrows out of the situation.Going into the rest of the season and future seasons it is going to be interesting to see liver operate as the Green Arrow while being a fugitive, that problem may be resolved by the end of the season when Oliver does a great public heroic act in the season.

Black Canary and Wilddog are investigating an apartment.Dinah's costume is very simple starting out vigilante costume, eventually, I think Dinah will get the leather costume, or at least have an all black costume, and she will hopefully get the metal staff.

Adrian is taunting Oliver, this shot looks like it as at the hospital, and Adrain truly seems like he has lost his mind.Adrian has a wife which is weird, I don't know if she knows Adrian is Prometheus, probably not, but by the end of the season, she might.

Here we have a bomb set to go off in 3 minutes.This may be connected to Susan and she might be in a room with this bomb and Oliver has to free her before the bomb blows.This is where Wilddog and Black Canary are going, to try to defuse the bomb or find Susan, I feel like Mr. Terrific would disarm this bomb, he is more of the tech guy on the field.In this Diggle would also be on the field and Felicity, she could be at the Arrow Cave, or she could be chilling with hacker group.

The final shot is of Oliver fighting Adrian.This is probably what Oliver is doing while everyone else is doing the stuff I mentioned above.

This was a great well cut trailer, I am excited for the episode and what happen to Prometheus.And I can't wait to see Talia in present day and if she will help team Arrow.Comment below your thoughts on the trailer or anything I missed.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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