Season 5 Episode 18:

On this episode of Arrow, the team has broken apart after Prometheus got Oliver admitting that he enjoyed murdering, a lot happened in the episode, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

In the episode, Oliver is back from being tour turned by Adrian and he has shut down team Arrow.John speaks to Oliver to tell him that Adrian poisoned his mind and that he is a good person, but Oliver doesn't believe so, and he tells Diggle and the rest of the team to get away from him and to stop the crusade which Oliver believes is his excuse for murdering people.
The rest of the team regroups at Felicity's apartment.

Oliver hires Anatoly to kill Adrian, but Oliver has to do a deal with him, which is for Anatoly to steal some drugs.Anatoly and his men go to steal some medicine for diabetes, team Arrow, lead by John go to stop them, however, stand down after they find out that Anatoly is behind it and Oliver knows.Diggle goes to Oliver's office and has an argument with him of letting criminals do his dirty work.

Back at Felicity's apartment, Felicity and John have a discussion about Oliver, meanwhile, Curtis looks at Felicity's laptop and he finds out that she needs a physical scan of technology Adrian is using to cloak his identity.

John goes to the Arrow cave and tries to talk sense into Oliver, that the Bravata are stealing Medicine for a street drug.Oliver thinks he is doing what has to be done to take down Adrian.
At Felicity's apartment the team finds out the Bravata is going to attempt to murder Adrian, they "suit up" in the black costumes and head out.Dinah, Rene, and Diggle take down the Bravata, while Curtis chases Adrian and scans his technology with the T-sphere.Team Arrow gets away and so does Adrian.

Later, Oliver comes over to Diggle's house where he punches for stopping the Bravata from murdering Adrian.John tells Oliver that he is not doing the right thing, he is effectively stealing drugs from people who need it.Oliver realizes John is right and he goes to talk to Anatoly, Anatoly wants his part of the deal so denies Oliver's offer of calling off the deal, but Anatoly rejects.Oliver goes back to the Arrow cave and assembles John, Dinah, and Rene to take down Anatoly.

Meanwhile, Curtis tracks down Felicity to the Helix headquarters and he gives them the scan of the cloaking technology Adrian has.The Helix girl Felicity is working with tells them that they need to get a piece of technology to encrypt the tech Adrian had.Curtis and Felicity suit up and go to steal this piece of technology.

While that is going on, Oliver, John, Dinah, and Rene, go to stop the Bravata from stealing the drugs.Oliver and Rene have Anatoly held up, Anatoly holds up a phone with footage feed showing hostages.Oliver tells John and Dinah to save them, Rene joins and the hostages get saved and Oliver takes down the Bravata.

Back at the Helix headquarters, Felicity and Curtis manage the decrypt some technology Adrian has and they now have video footage of Adrian dressed up as Prometheus.They show team Arrow in a new Arrow cave where there are costume places for all of them.

Quinten and Dinah show the SCPD and they order a police pursuit on Adrian.
Oliver has a talk with Anatoly, Oliver tells him that he is not better than Gregor, Anatoly tells Oliver that he is an enemy of the Bravata.

The episode ends with Adrian in a safe house, he murders to cops who were guarding him, as they got a text of the footage, and Adrian drives off with the Police on the other side of the road, into the cool night.

I have to say everything in the last few minutes were great.I like the new Arrow cave, so many costumes.But the ending with Adrian being revealed as Prometheus to the police and he escapes, murdering two cops. The rest of the season will most likely be a chase for Adrian Chase, but who knows where he went.

The stand out character in the episode was David Ramsey as John Diggle.I enjoyed the way he motivated Oliver into knowing that he saves people and his decisions he made with the Bravata were wrong.And by the end of the episode, his message gets through the Oliver.

Overall, this episode of Arrow was very character focused, the way characters were used for the story worked out well, and I liked the note that the episode ended on and I can't wait for next month when the show's return, but I will do trailer breakdowns in between then.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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