Season 5 Episode 15:

Arrow is back this week and so much happened in the episode, the identity of Prometheus was revealed and it so very interesting.So major spoilers ahead for the episode.

The episode picks up from last week with Oliver being convicted of hiding the identity of Billy Malone's murderer, the Green Arrow.Oliver hires Adrian Chase as his lawyer and the two go to the court.All evidence leads to Oliver being guilty, but the day is over.Oliver gets in a car with Dinah, Thea, and Quinten.The vigilante is in the middle of the road and shoots down the car.Dinah takes vigilante down with her cream but he gets back up and he takes everyone down and is about the kill Oliver but the police show up and the Vigilante runs away.

Thea suggests to Felicity to hack into the judge's computer and fake some news, Oliver finds out about this and stops her.

Later at the crime scene, Dinah finds a piece of the vigilantes mask and she takes it, but Adrian takes it away from her but she manages to get it back at the police station.

We then cut to the Vigilante walking on a rooftop where Prometheus shows up and he tells the Vigilante to stop trying to kill Oliver as Prometheus wants to kill Oliver.They then have a fight and Prometheus throws the Vigilante off the rooftop.Prometheus then takes off his hood to reveal that he is Adrain Chase, he takes out is phone ad calls the police that he encountered the vigilante.

Back at the Arrow cave John finds out about Pandora and Felicity tells him and John tells Felicity that she shouldn't use it as a weapon because with fighting fire with fire she will get burnt.Also, happening in the Arrow cave Curtis developed his T-spheres which he can use to track the vigilante with the piece of the mask Dinah got.

At the mayor's office, Oliver tells Adrian that he is going to hold a press conference to clear his name and appeal to the public.At night Oliver holds his conference outside the Mayor's office and he tells the public that the Green Arrow is a public enemy.

Meanwhile Diggle, Mr. Terrific, and Wilddog are tracking down the Vigilante who is at a building near the mayor's office.The three encounter the vigilante and take him down but he manages to escape.

After the conference is over, Oliver gets back tp his office where Susan comes in and tells Oliver that she got her job back.Quinten tells Oliver that his name is cleared and he is staying as mayor.
Oliver goes to tell Thea, but Thea tells Oliver that she is resigning from the office.

In the flashbacks, Oliver manages to get a laptop as the Hood and the Bravata sides with Anatoli.

Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver tells the team that he is still mayor but Prometheus is still at large.Curtis goes out to dinner with his husband who hands him a divorce paper.Felicity meets with a hacker girl who gave her the pandora files and Felicity accept the invitation to join the hacker group.The final scene in the episode was of Adrian asking Susan for some questions.

So the biggest scene is the episode was the reveal in the episode that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.
So in the comics, Adrian Chase was the vigilante character, but this twist is so awesome, I was surprised, I thought Adrain was going to be the vigilante in the show, but him as Prometheus is great.
I am still wondering who the vigilante is since Adrian isn't, but they have been a number of people in the comics that have been the vigilante.

The stand out character in the episode was John Segarra as Adrian Chase, it is so weird thinking that he is Prometheus, it was easy seeing Adrian as the vigilante, but him as Prometheus is awesome.This means that his real name must be Adrian Claybourne.
I also like Stephen Amell as Oliver in the episode, with him throwing the green arrow under the bus it makes sense because in the past few episode Oliver as the mayor has been saving the day.

Overall this episode of Arrow was great, I really like the reveal of Prometheus, it was a great change from what I expected.I will give this episode a  9 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts or opions down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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