Season 5 Episode 17:

On this episode of Arrow, we had a lot of flashbacks, and we finally see Evelyn again.So spoilers ahead, let's recap the episode.

The episode starts off with Oliver being toured by Adrian, and he goes on about the people on the list, Adrian wants Oliver to reveal his secret, and Oliver doesn't know what he is talking about.

In the flashbacks, Anatoli gets sworn into being the Bravata leader, so the Bravata and Oliver are trying to stop an attack Kovar is planning.Oliver and the Bravata try to intercept the gas, however, Kovar manages to get it.Oliver speaks to the mother of the woman he meets last season in the flashbacks, he gets a key off her to sneak into Kovar 's place, and he breaks the news to her that he kids were murdered.

Back in present day, drain brings Evelyn and throws her in Oliver's cell.Adrain tells Oliver that he has to kill Evelyn, or Evelyn has to kill Oliver.Evelyn apologizes to Oliver for betraying him, Oliver forgives Evelyn and Oliver asks for the knife to break his cuffs.Evelyn picks up the knife and tries to kill Oliver, but he kicks her down.Adrain comes back and tells Oliver that he is couldn't bring himself to kill Evelyn.Adrain picks up Evelyn and snaps her neck.

Back in the flashbacks, Oliver tortures one of Kovar's men and knows their plan which is to release poisonous gas at a new casino.Oliver and the Bravata get to the casino and the Bravata get rounded up by Kovar Oliver rescues the mother he was speaking to earlier, but she dies.Oliver takes down Kovar and kills him.

Back in present day, Adrain gets Oliver to admit what he wants him to admit, that being that Oliver enjoys murdering.Evelyn gets up and says "just as we expected", Adrian gets her t leave the cell and Adrian burns Oliver's tattoo with a blowtorch.

Back in the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli get the Brave tattoos and they part ways.We then cut to a hospital bed where Kovar is in bandages and he wakes up.And Merlyn, who was speaking to Kovar previously says "I'm glad I'm not the person who injured him."

In the present day, Oliver wakes up in his cell and walks out.He gets back to the Arrow cave and meets with Felicity, John, and Curtis, and he tells them that he is shutting this [team arrow] down.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending.Oliver wants to end being the Green Arrow.Well, with seeing all his mistakes, and the people he killed, it seems like he has been damaged, and wants to stop.So next episode Oliver will probably stop being the Green Arrow, maybe the other members of the team will have to reinspire Oliver to become the Green Arrow.In between that Felicity, John, the new recruits and Black Canary will probably work together to try to find Prometheus and Talia.

The stand out character in the episode was Stephen Amell as Oliver.The episode really focused on him and his past mistakes, and why he does what he does, Adrain made him confess that he liked to kill, Oliver doesn't want to kill, but Prometheus is swaying him to think that he likes to kill.
The other cast was great, David Nykl (Anatoli), Dolph Lundgren (Kovar), and Josh Segarra (Prometheus), along with Madison McLaughlin as Artemis.
And also John Barrowman has been on all the DCTV shows this week except Supergirl, however, he appeared on the same show as her in the musical crossover.

Overall this episode was a solid episode, the flashbacks were exciting, and I loved seeing Madison McLaughlin back as Evelyn Sharp, even though she is still sided with Adrian.I will love to see her back as a villain for next season.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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