I'm The trailer for the Justice League film is finally here, it is so awesome, there is a lot to get through so let's get started.

The trailer starts off with Bruce taking a horse and climbing through Mountains to go find Aquaman, who seems like he is purposely secluded from everyone else.
We have a voice over from Bruce saying "There's a war coming."

Here is Victor's father, Professor Stone, he has a mother box in his house, we may be getting flashbacks to how he obtained it and how Cyborg was created with the mother of, which we did see in  Batman vs Superman.

Diana and Bruce are discussing the other metahumans.
They discuss that they are going to find them.

Bruce has a voice over on Aquaman, here we see Arthur save someone from the sea, and he brings him into a bar and takes a drink.
Diana has a voice over on Cyborg, we see Victor in three stages, pre-Cyborg, trying to hide being Cyborg, and then embracing being Cyborg.I am glad that he is going to quip here and there and the character wasn't made into a miserable hero.

Then the Flash, Bruce meets Barry like we have seen before, but we get a shot of Barry running, and a good look at the side of the suit.

Here Barry finds out Bruce is the Batman.I am surprised that people outside of Gotham would know who the Batman is.

Batman gliding his way through a heated battle with the para demons, this appears to be outside a para-demon nest where all hell breaks loose.

Diana is talking about how the age of heroes is back, wee see a shot of the line, Cyborg, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

Aquaman is charging towards a couple of para demons, this seems like it is also outside the para-demon nest so this might be a big action scene, possibly the second act.

This is an interesting shot, Wonder Woman kicking down some security guards.Maybe the Justice League has to steal an artifact from a museum to find out more about para demons.

Cyborg is flying out of a fight and he puts on his mask.The mask looks really awesome, so smooth and he looks like a full Cyborg.

The Flash is taking on a para-demon, this might be inside the para-demon nest.But this version of the Flash seems super fast.

Barry asks Bruce what his super powers are, Bruce tells Barry "I'm rich.", this did make me laugh, and it's great that this film is throwing in a joke here and there.Ths scene would take place after Bruce confronts Barry and throws the Batarang at him.

Batman is gliding his way down through the para-demon nest when all hell breaks loose.

Batman in the bat mobile saying "my turn."

Wonder Woman overwhelmed by a number of para demons inside the nest.

Victor, pre-Cyborg, playing football, this shows that we are g I got to get a decent amount of flashbacks for Victor.

Wonder Woman uses her special move, and it looks awesome.This is probably against a swarm of para demons or Superman.

The Flash running super fast, it seems like that the Flash will get his own speedster scene, like Quicksilver in the X-Men films.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane is on the streets, she is probably looking up at para demons coming to attack the city, but Batman will probably save her.

Aquaman in his full body armor going back into the sea.I am not sure when this will take place in the film because Arthur will probably go to the sea, get his armor and he goes to help the Justice League.

Here is Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman's special lady.Mera appears to be standing by the throne of Atlantis and behind her are a couple of Atlantis guards.

Barry is visiting his father in prison, so we know that Barry's mother was murdered by the Reverse Flash.Barry is probably going to say bye to his father, just in case he doesn't make it alive from fighting the para demons.

So here are the Amazonians fighting the para demons, this is outside the para-demon nest we saw the Justice League fighting in and out of.But this will take place in a flashback 5000 years ago.This is when Darkseid comes to Earth with an army of para demons and he is kicked out by the Amazonians, Atlantians, and some Humans.Darkseid leaves behind three mother boxes, one for each tribe, we know that Cyborg is made out of the Mother box that the humans received,

The batmobile in action, firing away at para demons.

Wonder Woman tackling down para demons off the batmobile.This scene looks like it takes place in Gotham City.

Cyborg is looking like he is in distress, maybe a para-demon took his father or is threatening his life.

Aquaman swimming in the water but is getting attached by some para demons.

Barry is ready for action, this might be the third act of the film.

Wonder Woman getting ready for action with Aquaman and Cyborg.We have seen an image of this before.But here it seems like the three are on a para-demon ship which may be getting ready to attack a city.This is where Superman might come back and Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg will have to fight him.

new title

The Justice League is talking to commissioner Gordan, and he makes a joke of Batman working with others and Batman says "just temporarily."

Here is Aquaman on the batmobile taking down some para demons.

Overall, the trailer is great.The problems from Batman vs Superman look like they have been addressed, there are jokes, the lighting of shots look great, the characters seem appealing, and actually it seems like every character will get their time to shine and will all have their own side characters in the film, like Aquaman has Mera, Cyborg has his father, Barry has his father, Lois Lane is in here, it is awesome.The actors are all great, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as WOnder Woman, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Ezra Miller as the Flash. The tone of the film looks great and the DCEU may finally be on track.
I like this trailer, comment below if you do, As always thanks for reading, take care.

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