Season 2 Episode 15:

On this episode of Legends of Tomorrow we are left on a huge cliffhanger, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode, we start with a flashford with the legends in the middle of a battlefield with the spare.
Back to presnt, the Legends go out to the Vanishing Point, the base of the legion of doom.The Legends gather the rest of the pieces of the spare of destiny, which includes Firestorm burning a structure into Jellybeans, and then the legends escape the Reverse Flash with the pieces of the spare.

Back on the waverider, Mick burns the spare of destiny, but it remains unharmed and reveals a message which leads to Nate doing some research, and the Legends find out that in order to destroy the spare of destiny they need the thing that created it, that is the blood if Jesus Christ.Sarah is about to plot a course for the death of Jesus, but Rip tells Sarah that is one of the places that try are not allowed to travel to.Nate knows an another way to get the blood.It is in a field in North France.The only man who knows how to get to its exact location is J.R.R Tolkien, the future author of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

The legends find out that Tolkien was in North France in World War One, the deadliest battle.The legends go to the battlegrounds and take Tolkien to the waverider, Mick finds Leonard Snart(Captain Cold) at the battle and talks to him, thinking he is in his head, Mick tells Leonard the plan the legends have for the spear.Leonard tells Mick that he's not a hero, the Legends still think of him as a thug.
The legends get back to the waverider where Nate and Rip talk to Tolkien and ask him where the map of the field is which has the blood of Christ.

Rip, Nate, Tolkien, Ray, and Mick go to a castle to get the map.They get the map but are interrupted by Damien Darhk and Leonard, who is actually real, they find out what the legends were doing because Mick told Leonard who he thought was in his head.The legends abruptly leave before they are ambushed by German soldiers.

Back on the waverider, the legends are discussing Snart and they come to the conclusion that the Legion of Doom grabbed Leonard before he joined the Legends.Everyone is pissed off at Mick for telling Leonard, even do he is in his head.Amaya believes the Legends should use the spare to take down the legion, as she wants to use the spare the change her future.Sarah comes up with an idea to get through the battleground, to find the bottle of Jesus Christ's blood that idea is to try cease-fire on both sides.

Rip and Tolkein try saw the British commander and Ray and Martin try to sway the German commander.The British commander thinks that the end is near and he doesn't listen.Rip knocks him out and takes control of the speakers and speaks over the speaker to a cease-fire for both sides to take care of the wounded.Everyone listens and Sarah, Amaya, Nate, and Mick run across the battlefield, using the spear to track the bottle of blood.

The Legends manage to find the bottle of blood.Nate takes it, but the Leonard and Damien show up and Mick sides with them and hands them the piece of the spare, as he knows the Legends think of him as a criminal, Leonard throws a grenade and the war goes on.Reverse Flash takes Damien, Leonard, and Mick.

The Legends run for their lives, the bottle of blood gets shot.And the Legends are rescued by Jefferson in the waverider

Back in the waverider, the Legends are discussing Mick's betrayal, and Ray tells them that Mick was smart enough to figure it out, that the Legends didn't trust him.

Back at the vanishing point the Legion of Doom use the spare and do a chant and the spare glows and the frame turns to white.

My favorite scene in the episode was by far the ending.The Legion of Doom, now with Mick, have the spare of destiny and have rewritten reality to what they want.So Eobard is not a time remnant, Damien is alive as of present day, Tommy is alive and Malcolm has his hand, and I have no idea what Leonard and Mick got out of this experience.This whole rewritten reality will not impact Arrow tomorrow, or the other shows next week.

The stand out character in the episode was Dominic Purcell as Mick.I liked the direction of the character and how he was swayed by Leonard, and finally, Captain Cold is back, who knows if he will be on the show permanently.

I also like Maisie Richardson-Sellers this episode, as Amaya.I liked how she wanted to use the spare, after knowing what happened to descendants in the future.What would be cool is if the present day Vixen saves Amaya, and Amaya doesn't change the future knowing her granddaughter would save her.

Overall, this episode of Legends was a solid one.The cliffhanger was great, the trailer for the next episode is out, I will do a breakdown later.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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