Season 2 Episode 13:

Legends of Tomorrow is finally back after being a week on break, it is finally back so spoilers ahead from the episode lets get into the review.

In the episode Rip, Hunter has gained control of the waverider and because it is in Gideon's programming.Rip takes the Medallion and sets the Waverider to crash in 69 million B.C.Rip gets taken down and the medallion gets destroyed.The waverider crashes in 69 million BC, Ray goes with Amaya and Nate to find a crucial piece of the ship and Mick suggest to get into Rips mind, so Sarah and Jefferson do the procedure that the time masters used on Mick in Season 1.

In the mind, Sarah and Jefferson find a doppelgänger of Sarah which they realize that everyone might be evil on the ship, and they decide to call them Bizarro versions.Sarah gets captured by Atom and Heatwave (Mota and Evwataeh) and she is put in a containment cell with Rip, the real Rip and she pushes Sarah across the room using mind telepathy powers.Sarah ensures Rip that she will get him out.While that was going on Jefferson finds a human embodiment of Gideon and the two break Rip and Sarah out of the containment cell.

They are then faced by the bizarro version of Firestorm and White Canary again (Mrotserif and Yrana Etihw) they are defeated but then the Bizzaro versions of Atom, Heatwave, and Firestorm show up and Rip takes them down with his powers in his mind.Rip believes that he is being rescued so his mind starts collapsing.Jefferson and Sarah get out.In Rip's mind he shares a kiss with Gideon and then he leaves.Rip wakes up in the real world back as he used to be.

While all that is going on Ray takes Amaya and Nate try track down the delineator and Nate and Amaya are developing their relationship.Ray tells Nate that Amaya has to go back to the 40's and that Nate might have to break off what he was with Amaya.
The next day the three legends track down the delineator to a T-Rex's nest, Ray gets it back from his old neighbor but the dinosaur comes chasing after the three.Nate is prepared to take on the dinosaur but Amaya wields with the spirit of the dinosaur telepathically communicates with it leaving in peace.

The episode ends with Rip suited up in his trench coat Gideon tells him that she remembers the kiss they had in his mind.Rip goes to the main control room and meeting the legends and setting off the save time.

The post credit scene in the episode is of Eobard at the NASA working as a doctor.So this is teasing next week's episodes where the legends will have to get in Apollo 11 to stop Eobard.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending, after 12 episodes of Rip having lost his memory and been part of the legion of doom he is back as captain of the legends.There are only four episodes left in the season, but at least Rip is here for them.But it was cool seeing Rip as a villain, he made a really good villain.

The stand out character in the episode was Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter.I also liked how the character was scared in his mind, lost in his own mind.But it is great having Rip back on the team, and maybe, just maybe this year he can be a part of the crossover.I also liked seeing the human embodiment of Gideon.She might appear on the Flash in the future as Barry created Gideon and he may have based it off someone.

Overall, this episode of Legends was a good one.It was exciting and it had Dinosaurs, and it was awesome.I liked how Rip's mind was portrayed in the episode and the human adaptation of Gideon.I will give the episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your opinions on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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