Season 2 Episode 14:

On this episode of legends if tomorrow we go to space and it is awesome.Spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode, the legends manage to track down Commander Steel (Henry) in the 70's, they find out that Henry is working is NASA, the legends meet up with him and he reveals to them that he planted his piece of the spare on the moon with the flag in Apollo 11., The team learns that Apollo 13 has not malfunctioned .The legends and Henry go on the waverider to get the piece of the spare, meanwhile Martin, Jefferson, and Mick stay at the NASA headquarters to monitor everything.

After finding out that Eobard is on Apollo 13, Ray flies from the Waverider to the spaceship and he shrinks down and follows Eobard into the space ship where they have a fight and Eobrd doesn't have his super speed because there is no gravity.The command shuttle gets detached from the rest of the ship and Ray and Eobard crash on the moon.

Back on land Martin has to distract everyone from the shuttle crashing by singing while Jefferson has to cut out the televised source.
Ray ties up Eobard and grabs the spare from the flag.Meanwhile, the waverider grabs the command shuttle through an asteroid field where it sustains damage.

So Ray has to let Eobard free and they have to work together to repair the ship so the waverider can pick up the ship with minimum effort.The two work together and they among to get back on board the ship.
Eobard is put in the prison cell and the legends have to shut down most power on the ship in order to use the shield for the heat impact when they land on Earth.They then need to know what angle they need to land at, ray asks Eobard and he gives them the answer, 38 degrees

The wave rider cant gets to 38 degrees so Henry sacrifices himself to open the cargo door bay to let a gust of wind into the ship in order for it to reach 38 degrees.Henry gets swept out into space and Nate is left crying.

The waverider lands safely and Eobard phases out of his cell, Ray confronts him and he says that he is an abortion as when Eddie killed himself Eobard should have erased from existence, Ray confronts Eobard about the black Flash and Eobarrd, so Eobard runs away without having time to find the piece of the spare.Back at the NASE headquarters, Nate speaks to a younger version of his father and he gives him advice.

The episode ends with Amaya wondering what Nate said earlier in the episode about the village and her descendants, so she gets Gideon to pull up what happens to her village and she finds images of it on fire and she sees images of her granddaughter wearing her amulet.

My favorite scene in the episode was Martin singing in the NASA headquarters.That was hillarious, and just added to the light tone of the episode.I cant wait to have Victor Garber sing in the Supergirl adn Flash musical crossover.
I also liked the ending where we have Amaya looks up her own future, I wonder how she is going to change it, she might travel there and fight off the people that burnt down her village, this could set up a Vixen centered episode.I would also like to see Amaya meet her granddaughter Mari.that would be awesome.

The stand out character in the episode was Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne.I really liked the character in the episode, surprisingly he had a lot of humanity in the episode, especially when he told Ray that he wants to spare the rewrite reality so he could live.I was kind of hoping he would tell Ray his back story, but that might be for another episode.
I also did enjoy, Matthew MacCaull as Commander Steel and the sacrifice he made to let his grandson, Nate live.

Overall this episode of Legends was great.I enjoyed the tone of the episode and it was overall a lot of fun.I can't wait for the next episode.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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