Chapter 6:

In this episode of Riverdale, a lot went down, we had drama with the Pussy Cats and we see Polly in the episode, so let's recap.

In the episode there is this talent show going on at Riverdale high, Archie enters and Valerie helps him out and she quits the pussy cats.So the Pussy Cats go and recruit Veronica to join after she was replaced with singing with Archie by Valerie.
Archie tells Valerie to sing with the Pussycats and she does forgiving Josie being controlling as her father was watching her sing.The Pussy Cats perform and Archie does his song and everyone loves it.Archie then meets up with Valery after and they kiss.

During all this Veronica's mother, Hermione is working for Fred and they get into some business stuff in developing the drive-in theater into some housing, but since Hermione's husband, Hiram bought the land she manages to sell it to Fred's company forges forgeies Veronica's signature in order for the papers to go through.Hermione and Fred develop a relationship and Veronica sees this and gets upset because her mother is still married to her father and he in prison and she's wondering what is going to happen when he gets out because Veronica was anticipating for her family to be back together.

Also happening in the episode, Betty and Jughead were doing some investigating through the Copper house and Betty finds out where Polly is, so she goes with Jughead to the place where she is.Betty finds Polly and she is pregnant, and then Betty has to reveal to Polly that Jason passed away.Ms. Copper comes to the hospital and she takes Betty away and Polly gets upset for her mother lying to her and everyone gets upset.
Back at the Copper house, Betty confronts her father of murdering Jason he denies and the mother laughs because she knows that he wouldn't have the balls to kill Jason and she says she wishes that she murdered Jason herself.
The next day Jughead goes to Betty's house where they kiss and then they go off and they find a car that Polly talked about and it had Jason's football jacket, drugs, and some money.
Betty and Jughead go tell the sheriff with photographic proof but by the time they arrive the car is on fire.
The episode ends with Betty and Jughead running through the rehab facility and they get in the Polly's room only to find out that she broke out of the facility.

My favorite scene in the episode was the reveal of Polly's side of the story she was pregnant with Jason's baby and that she was going to run away with Jason on 4th of July, but her mother stopped her and sent her away to the rehab hospital.This shows just how far Mr. and Mrs. Copper wants little to do with the Blossoms.
But for some speculation, it seems like Polly burnt down the car, I think that Polly is having some memory trips because it was referenced before that she knew Jason died but Betty had to tell her, so what I am thinking, what if Polly did murder Jason, maybe she forgot she did who knows.But another theory I have, what if Jason waited on the other side of sweetwater river and since Polly didn't come because she was taken away he thought that the love of his life didn't car about him so he committed Suicide, that would place Betty's mother at fault of the murder.
Next time Jughead and Betty go investigating, they need to bring the whole Scobby Gang.

The stand out character in the episode for me was Haley law as Valery, I like how the relationship between her and Archie has developed, in the recent comics she has a relationship with Archie, so to see it play out this early in the series is great.
Speaking of comics, did anyone else see Warner bros do some sneaking advertising for the DC Rebirth comics, there were so many posters splattered in Archie's room.
And KJ Apa in the episode played Archie really well, he tried his best to please everyone and at the end, it worked out.

Overall, Riverdale this episode was a good one, I enjoyed it more than last week and so many mysteries were answered and so many more questions were opened up.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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