Chapter 7:

On Riverdale there was a lot of stuff happening, there were several storylines which I will recap, so spoilers ahead for the episode

In the episode we start off with this dream of Jugheads where everything looks like the comics, Jughead wakes up and we find him sleeping in a closet in the school, Archie finds him and Jughead tells Archie not to tell anyone.

That day at school Betty is in the sitting down talking to Veronica, Kevin, Jughead, Valerie, and Archie.Betty tells the gang that Polly escaped the home she was at, and girl in the background sees this and texts Cheryl is is at the police station and she tells her mother and the sheriff.

Kevin shows his phone to Betty and Veronica and it is a tweet Cheryl sent out which said she is going to find Polly.
The next day Betty sets up a group of people to look Polly in the woods.While searching for Polly, Veronica decides to do everything her mother wouldn't want her to do, to get back at as her mother, Hermione, forged Veronica's signature, so she decides to get Josie, Kevin, and Reggie to go clubbing with.

Betty's group encounters another search party lead by the Blossoms.The Copper gets n a fight with them, the Blossoms tells the Coppers that they will find Polly.The Sheriff breaks up the fight.Later on, the Copper family make a public announcement in front of the town and they reveal that Polly is missing, and she is pregnant with Jason's child.Everyone freaks out including the Blossoms.

That night Jughead and Betty go for a walk, Betty goes home and hears a sound from the basement, after being freaked out she finds Polly hiding in the basement, she puts some bandages over Polly's cut and they talk, Polly doesn't want her parent to know that she is here as they will make her put the child up for adoption.Later on, just out of curiosity Betty asks her parents what they would do if Polly showed up, they said that she wouldn't let her go back to the mental home and they would put the baby up for adoption.

The next day at school Cheryl talks to Betty and she finds out that Betty knows where Polly is.Betty tells Cheryl that her parents want to put the baby up for adoption and Cheryl wants to help by caring for her potential niece or nephew.Chyrel offers Betty for Polly and the baby to stay with them, the Blossoms.

Later that night Veronica goes to the club with her friends, after Hermione and she decide to apologize to her mother.

While all this was going on, Fred gives Jughead's dad, Fp a job.Fp promises to Jughead that he will reunite their family.Archies asks FP why he and Fred had a falling out, FP tells Archie that he did some bad things in other jobs which lead to him getting failed and how the Jones family fell apart.
The next day, Jughead is taken into the police station by the Sheriff and he is questioned by him about Jason's death, that he murdered Jason.Jughead calls for a lawyer and Fred, Archie, and betty bail him out and FP shows up late.Jughead doesn't go home with his father as his father is going to get his life on track, so Jughead is staying with Archie and Fred.

Towards the end of the episode Betty, Polly, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead are all in Pops waiting for the Blossoms to show up.Chyrl rushes is and tells Polly and Betty to leave because her parents do not really want the child.Veronica and Hermione offer Polly to stay with them and she does and they will keep quiet.

The final scene of the episode is of FP in his little shack and in his house lies Jason Blossoms jacket.

My favorite scene in the episode was that ending, Jugheads father has Jason's jacket.
For some speculation, we now that the jacket was in the car which was burnt, so did Jughead's dad steal the jacket and burn the car on fire, as the car could have been tied to the south side serpents.For all, we know Jason stole drugs from the gang which landed him in trouble with the gang which could have him being murdered by the leader of that gang who could be anyone, Hal Copper, Ms. Grundy.
So if FP Jones burnt down the car that would rule out Polly burning the car
But for all, we know there were dozens of jackets that Jason had and FP picked up one.

The standout character in the episode was Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones.I enjoyed seeing the character in turmoil and his quest on trying to put his family back together.Another thing on the Jones family, we know that Jellybean is still alive and she is living with her mother.

Overall, this episode showed off a lot of Jughead's family and what may happen in the season going forward.I really liked the begging dream scene where everything looked liked it was straight from the comics.I will give the episode an 8.7 out of 10.Comemtn below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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