Chapter 8:
Hey, everyone, Riverdale has finally returned after a break, spoilers ahead for the episode, nothing major, its not like Json's murdere was reveald, but I just feel obligated to put that there because it's 2017 and everyone gets offended way too way too easily, I don't know wat I ma riting evn ore, so let's get into the recap.

In the episode, we find out that Fred Andrew's crew bails on him after they are bought out by the Blossoms.Archie and his friends offer to help Fred and they do.At night Moose, who was helping gets beat up by some criminals who were destroying some construction equipment.Archie believes are the south side serpents.

Meanwhile, Betty, Polly, and Veronica set up a baby shower along with the help of Jughead.They have a pending invite on Ms. Cooper, Alice.The Blossom are invited and accept.Polly makes Betty the godmother of her baby.

After talking to Valery, Archie grabs a couple friends go to a south side serpent bar thanks to the help of Kevin's boyfriend.In the bar, Archie creates a fight, FP Jones saves Archie, they have a discussion of FP being a part of the serpents, and if FP knows anything about Moose being beaten up.FP calls Fred, who picks him up Archie, and Fred in disappointed in him.

Archie goes to the baby shower at Hermione's house and he speaks to Jughead confronting him that his father is a south side serpent, Jughead said he knew, he was ashamed, but Archie still feels a sense of betrayal by Jughead for not telling him.

At the baby shower, Cheryl's grandmother does some mystical reading's on Polly, she believes that she will have twins, one of each gender.Penelope offers Polly to stay with them at their house, Alice puts up a fight and says that their house is haunted, and the baby shower turns into a heated argument between the Blossoms' and the Coopers'.When everyone leaves the baby shower, Polly starts crying and she says that the petty feud between the families will not help the baby is why Jason ended up dead.Polly goes on to say that her dad said that he would pay for an appointment that to fix Polly's 'mistake'.

Archie talks to his dad, and inspires him to never give up what he is doing, and to keep working, and achieving what he wants.Archie makes good ends with Jughead by the end of the episode, and Archie forgives Jughead and just wants him to tell him anything he wants.
At Hermione's house, Jughead comforts Betty and she asks why Jughead kept the secret of his dad being a serpent from her, he tells her that he was afraid.The two go to see him and ask him about Moose being beaten up and if he was involved in the murder of Jason.He told them that the serpents, including him, supplied Jason with drugs in exchange for money, but the thought he run away with the drugs until they found out he was dead,

At the Cooper house Alice asks Hal if he tried getting Polly to have an abortion, she kicks him out of the house.In their argument, Alice tells Hal "you have no idea what I am capable of."

Back with FP, we find out that he has a duffle bag packed with Jason's jacket and he gives it to Kevin's boyfriend who is in on the act to get closer the Sheriff.But it seems like he has legitimate feelings for Kevin.
At the construction site, FP and his crew offer to work for Fred, he accepts, FP talks to Hermione and tells her that Hyrum, her husband was the one who hired the guys who beat up Moose and destroyed some equipment.

The episode ends Polly in a car and she decides to move in with the Blossoms'.We see at the Cooper house, Alice is upset and Betty comforts her.

My favorite scene in the episode was the reveal that Hal, Polly's own father wanted her to have an abortion because of the baby, or now we know, possibly babies, have Blossom blood.It shows how much the feud between the Cooper's and the Blossom's as grown.
For speculation this leads me to believe that Hal may have murdered Jason, if he wants to go this far for getting rid of Blossom blood, what makes us think that he wouldn' just murder Jason for trying to run away with his daughter.

I enjoyed the scenes with Fred and Archie, the storyline was interesting, we haven't seen a whole lot of the construction business, the most we have seen was Hermione and Fred making out, and that has a double meaning.It is great to see the way the character of Fred works in stressful situations, Luke Perry really brought that to life in this episode, in a convincing manner.

The stand out character in the episode was Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper.I really enjoyed learning more of what happened leading up to Jason's death in the episode through Polly.I am interested to see where the character goes in the season and how her relationship with her mother will shift as she is now living with the Blossoms.

Overall, this episode of Riverdale was a great one, the episode was starting off slow but managed to pick up the pace while the episode progressed, It was interesting to see the dynamic's between characters change and the point of view from other characters, like Polly.But it seems like everyone in Riverdale has beef with each other, Fred doesn't like the Blossoms for buying out his workforce, Blossom's and Cooper's are at war, Hermione is suspicious about Hyrum, the southside serpents had ties to Jason, Hal doesn't want anything to do with Polly's baby/babies.But it makes for great drama.I will give this episode a 7 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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