So the new trailer of Spiderman Homecoming is out and it really awesome, we see what the story of the film is like, and how a big problem of the film comes about, but since like Peter Parker, I have to go to school, let's do a quick breakdown.

 The trailer starts off with Peter running into an alleyway and he suits up as Spiderman.I really like how the suit comes on, it's all baggy at first then it zips up tight.I am guessing that this is from the beginning of the film where Peter is using the suit for everyday crime fighting.
Peter and Ned working in class together, and Ned is asking Peter a bunch of questions knowing he is Spiderman.
 It was leaked that Chris Evans was going to make a cameo in the film, I don't know if this is it, however, it may not be, but this is still awesome.I think that Scarlett Johansson might make a cameo, it was leaked before but who knows if it will happen.
 Jacob Batalon's character, Need Leeds is trying out the spiderman mask, and there is this awesome holographic projection of New York.
 Michael Keaton as the Vulture wants revenge against Tony Stark as we have learned that Tony cut him out of a business contract or something, and the Vulture used to help clean up the big Avengers battle's and take left over tech.So thats were Donald Glover's character comes in, he is playing a tinkerer like charcter where he builds the tech.
Spiderman tries to stop the criminals with the chitauri technology from destroying the ship, but this is where the Vulture comes in, this is most likely the second encounter as the first was at the Washington monument.
 Spiderman saving the ferry
 Iron Man helps to save the ferry
This is a great scene, so Tony is taking away Peters suit.It I most likely because Tony is worrying about Peter so if he doesn't have the suit he doesn't go saving people.But it seems like Tony is challenging Peter, to learn the greatness in himself and not Spiderman.
 Spiderman is in the old suit facing the vulture on a beach, Peter is really taking a beating.
So here Peter is at his homecoming with Laura Harrier.I am guessing something goes wrong with their relationship and Peter ends up with Zendaya's character.But the homecoming is most likely going to be at the end of the film.But I wouldn't be surprised if him kissing Liz is a dream.
 Spiderman going to save his classmates at the Washington Monument, and Zendaya's character is panicking.
 Spiderman at the Washington monument using his spider bugs, which Ned Leeds teased n the trailer, earlier, here is the army of spiders.
The may be the last climatic scene of the film.Spiderman in the old household suit vs Vulture on an airplane.I am not sure if Iron Man will go help in this fight.He probably will and this might be right before the homecoming that he has to get to in time.

The new Spiderman Homecoming trailer looks great.Tom Holland is awesome as Peter Parker, and I like the dynamic he has with Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man.The other actors are awesome, I am interested to see Zendaya's arc in the film.Comment below your thoughts on the trailer down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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