Season 3 Episode 21 & 22:

The season finale of rebels is finally here, a bunch of really awesome stuff happened, so spoilers ahead for both episodes let's recap.

After finding out Kallus is the rebel spur Fulcrum, Thrawn captures him and plans to attack the phoenix squadron rebel base which stops the phoenix squadron from their attack on empire on Lothal.
The empire shows up with some star destroyers, the phoenix squadron gets up in the air to try to take down the empire, but there is too many of them.Hera leads and attacks, however, Commander Sato sacrifices himself.

Ezra in Maul's ship finds an opening and leaves with Chopper to get the help from Sabine.
The phoenix Squadron get back on the ground and Rex and Zeb start to set up a shield, Hera is organizing everything and Kanan goes off to get the help of Bendu.

Bendu does not agree to help Kanan and he gets mad at him for the Rebel bringing war to what was once his peaceful planet.
Ezra finds Sabine in her Mandalorian crib and recruits her help along with Fenn and other Mandalorian Troopers of her tribe.

The empire fires down from space to the rebel base, the shield holds up.The empire deploys a group assault and the rebels are screwed, Zeb and Rex go to fight some At-at's but in back to base where the meet up with Kanan who tells Hera and the rest that Bendu is not going to help them.Thrawn lands on the ground of the rebel base with his death Troopers and they chase the rebels.

Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Rex, Ap-5 and others hurry to the ghost to leave.Meanwhile, Ezra, Sabine and the other Mandalorians fight on top of the star cruiser in space above the rebel planet.Swarms of tie fighters attack the ship, but Ezra uses his lightsaber and the Mandalorians take on the imperial Mandalorians who are guarding the ship.Ezra and Sabine manage to destroy the star cruiser.

Back on the planet, there is a storm, and in the storm is a face, the Bendu manifested into a storm and he is tearing everything in his path, Thrawn and his troopers focus fire on the Bendu and the rebels just manage to leave in the ghost, escaping the wrath of Bendu.The crew managed to pick up Kallus who used an escape pod to flee from a star destroyer.
Back on the ground, the Bendu gets back to his regular firm, lying on the ground he says "You have already lost", and Thrawn shoots him, but there is nothing there.

The season ends with the phoenix squadron regrouped going to find a new base.Kanan talks to Ezra who tells him that they lost everything, Kanan replies "I see a future where we are all free, and it is up to us to make that happen." the rebel fleet jumps into hyperspace.

This episode had so many great scenes, but my favorite scene was the ending with Thrawn killing Bendu.Obviously, Bendu didn't really die, maybe his physical formation did at least, but for what we know he will be a force ghost and may help Kanan and Ezra.I was so happy that Thrawn was not killed off, I was worried that he was but it seems like he will remain through the series, and maybe part of his original will be saved, what if after return of the Jedi, Thrawn rebuilds the Empire.

Overall the season finale of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 was great.All the story lines were tied up nicely and I am so glad Thrawn was not killed off, Lars Mikkelsen was great as the character.I will give this episode an 8 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts by commenting below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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