Season 2 Episode 17:

In this episode of Supergirl, we had a lot going on, Lynda Carter came back as the president, and there was a bunch of stuff going on with Mon's parents, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap the episode.

In the episode, Kara has to go face an alien with some laser eyes, she takes him down and takes him to the DEO where they find out that there has been a bounty placed on Supergirl.John tells Kara to not go out as Supergirl.Mon goes to a bar to meet with his parents and he asks them if they placed the bounty on Kara, they deny and part ways.

Back at Kara's apartment, the original team is playing a board game, Mon comes over and he gets mind controlled by an alien outside, named Hanibal.He gets mind controlled into having a fight with Kara, and Kara and Jimmy take down Mon while Winn manages to take down the mind controlling alien.

At the DEO John manages to use his telepathy skills on Hanibal to find out that Mon’s mother, Rhea set up a bounty on Supergirl.Karas persuades Mon for the two of them to meet with his mother and discuss things, for Mon to stay on Earth because he is happy here.Kara and Mon get to the fortress of solitude, Rhea comes and after a heated discussion, Rhea pulls out two kryptonite daggers and stabs Kara.Mon sacrifices himself and goes with his mother to the Daxamite ship.On the ship, Mon is put into a prison as he wants to change the Daxam society for everyone to have a say.

Back at the DEO Kara tells the rest of the team, they use a portal from a previous episode to get to the Daxamite ship.John tries to stop Karas from going as Rhea has the kryptonite blades, Kara tells John that she has an idea.We see Kara use to portal and she gets on the Daxamite ship.Kara faces the guards and tries to stop Rhea who uses the Kryptonite blades to stab Supergirl, but they don't work, but plot twist, John shapeshifted himself into Supergirl.Winn, the short stormtrooper goes and frees Mon from his cell.Supergirl goes through the portal to help John fight the guards and Rhea.With the help of his father, Mon manages to calm down the battle and he mediates with his parents.He tells them that he is happy on Earth, his father gives him the consent to leave and he leaves and he parts ways with his parents forever.

Throughout the episode, Alex found out that Maggie cheated on her girlfriend in a previous relationship.Alex then persuades Maggie to meet good ends with her ex.

Back on Earth John video messages, President Lynda Carter, we learn that she is, in fact, a White martian.We cut to Kara and Mon happy together.The final scene of the episode is of Rhea, killing her husband as he let Mon leave.

The biggest scene in the episode was the ending, Rhea murders her husband.So it seems like Rhea may be the villain for the last couple of episodes of Supergirl.This season of Supergirl is kind of weird like there has not been a main villain in the episode, we had Cadmus labs with Lili, but now it seems like Rhea will be the main villain.

The other big reveal in the episode was the reveal the president Lynda Carter is a White martian.I am really annoyed.I wishes that Lynda Carter would appear every so often, and maybe in like Season 5, of the 100th episode of Supergirl or something Lynda Carter comes in it is revealed that she is Wonder Woman, that would be awesome, it would be like John Wesly Shipp on the Flash, who used to play the original Flash being Barry's father on the tv show and is now Jay Garrick.
But the continuity of the 70's Wonder Woman tv show could be wrapped in the same earth as Supergirl.

The alien at the begging of the episode looked so bad ass, he was played by Glenn Ennis, I hope he comes back, he looked awesome.And no that mind controlling alien was no Brainiac, it would be cool if it was, Michael Rogers kind of looks like Brainiac.The stand out character in the episode was Teri Hatcher as Lois, I mean Rhea.I really enjoy the motivations of the character and she is so bad ass.I also liked Dean Cain as Mon's father, it is great having Loius and Clarke on the tv show.

Overall this episode was a decent episode, the story was great to follow, but I am super mad at what is going on with Lynda Carter in the tv show.I will give this episode a 7 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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