Season 2 Episode 15:

In the episode of Supergirl, we have a continuation of last week where Cadmus stole to national alien registration, so spoilers ahead for the episode.

In the episode, we learn that Cadmus has been abducting aliens and John tells the DEO that Jeremiah is a big threat, and John questions Alex's loyalties.At night everyone is hanging out in the alien bar when Cadmus shows up and abducts a bunch of aliens, including Winn's girlfriend, Lyra.Later that night Alex is in her apartment and Jeremiah comes over to warn her, Alex agrees to help him but then Jeremiah shapeshifts and it is actually John who put Alex's loyalties to the test, so John puts Alex on the bench.

Meanwhile, Kara is trying to put out an article at Katko about the Cadmus abducting aliens event going on, but her boss, Snapper doesn't let her publish the article, Kara sits up as Supergirl to try to persuade him but he still declines.Kara then gets the idea from Lena to sets up a website where she publishes her article.Lena tries to get information on what Cadmus is doing to help out Kara but some meters in L Corp try taking her down but Supergirl saves her. 

Alex then does some investigating of her own with the help of Maggie and she tracks down Cadmus.Alex gets to the Cadmus facility and Jeremiah tells everyone that Alex is with her.Alex is taken to Lilli where Alex threatens to blow up the Cadmus lab with bombs she planted, Lilli thinks Alex is lying so Alex detonates some of the bombs and she starts running towards the Cadmus ship that they are trying to get rid of the aliens on.Jeremiah takes on Cyborg Superman and Alex gets in the ship and tries to pilot it down but it isn't working for her.So Kara comes along as Supergirl and tries to push down the ship, she tries her hardest and the ship is on the brink of the atmosphere and Kara manages to push it back down to Earth.

Back on the ground the next day Kara gets to work and she finds out that she has been fired, and Snapper said that she violated some rules but he was rooting for her.Kara gets back to her apartment and Mon comes over and she tells him that she will just be Supergirl.
The final scene of the episode was the alien ship tracking Mon clear Earth and we see that the leaders are a female and a male.

The end scene I have not much clue as to who the people are.But my favorite scene was the scene where Kara had to push down the ship.I wish that this episode was placed at episode 23, the finale and the ship went into light speed and flew across space, that would be a huge cliff hanger.But I did like how Kara tried her hardest when nearly all hope was lost.

The stand out character in the episode was Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers.I really enjoyed seeing the character be hardcore blowing up Cadmus it was great.I also enjoyed Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, and when all hope was lost she pulled her hardest and saved the day.

Overall this episode of Supergirl was great, I loved how the story panned out and the direction of the characters.I will give this episode an 8.7 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode, there might be a new Wonder Woman trailer tomorrow so I will post that breakdown as soon as I can.As always thanks for reading take care.

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