Season 2 Episode 16:

On this episode of Supergirl we find out Mon-El's true identity, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode starts off with Kara and Mon sitting on the couch, the tv turns on and a message comes up with a black and white static and we hear a voice ask for Mon.

At the DEO everyone is working to try track where this message came from.They find a ship above National City and Supergirl flies up and she gets in a fight with the ship.Mon then shouts out to the ship and gives himself up.Mon gets teleported to the ship and Kara chases him and they get teleported on the ship.

On the ship, Mon and Kara are surrounded by hooded figures who all bow down to them.We see a man and woman who are the king and queen of Daxam.They then reveal that Mon is the prince of Daxam.They tell Mon and Kara that they found Mon from the transmission he sent out earlier in the season.Mon's parents, Mon and Kara have dinner and Mon tells his story of how he got of Daxam and we see the flashback and he left people and didn't save anyone.
Mon and Kara go back to the ground and Kara is mad at Mon for not telling the truth.
Later on, Mon's mother talks to Kara and tells her that Mon needs to go back to Daxam to reunite the people.She is also surprised that Kara, a Kryptonian looked after a Daxamite.

While all that was going on Winn was convicted of stealing a painting from the Museum, but it turns out Lyra stool it.Winn, Guardian, and Alex track down Lyra and capture her.They find out that Lyra stole the painting because she had to pay her brother's debt as he was involved in some gang business.
Everyone doesn't trust Lyra but they do manage to find the person who is in charge of the deal.Winn trusts her and the two go and hand in a fake painting, Guardian shows up and takes in the big boss alien.DEO soldiers come in and take control of the situation.Lyra reunites with her brother and everything is well.

Back at the DEO Mon apologized to Kara and she is still upset.Mon meets Kara in her apartment and Mon tries to apologize but Kara breaks up with him.
Min goes to hi parents ship where he tells them that he wants to stay on Earth to be with Kara because she makes him a better person.Mon's father lets him go back to Earth and the ship flies off.

The episode ends with Winn at the DEO talking about Kara's inter-dimensional breach device she got from Cisco.John interdicted a new prisoner to the DEO, the Music Meister who mind controls Kara with his eyes and Kara falls asleep.Music Meister takes the breaching device and goes to Earth one where he announces he is going to get the fastest man alive.We then see Kara in a 40's stage where she is singing.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending, Kara getting teleported in into the 'music dimension' and the Music Meister purposely got captured to mind spike Kara and now he is aiming to get Barry.I also liked how in the cent Winn said that he and Cisco would be best friends, I really want to see them meet.
But I am excited to see the musical crossover continue in the Flash tomorrow night.

In the episode, the stand out character was Chris Wood as Mon.I liked the direction of the character and how he desperately wanted to flee his past.It seems like the character has come a long way at this point I am kind of sick of the whole Mon not being a good person storyline, that will hopefully change before the end of this season

Overall I am excited for the musical crossover of the flash.But tonight's episode was really great.I will give this episode an 8 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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