Season 3 Episode 18:

The episode of the Flash this week was insane, so much happened in the episode and so much is going to happen in the rest of the season.So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's get to the recap.

In the episode, a new meta is in Central City, Abra Kadabra and after he murders a couple of security guards he attempts to rob a bank, Barry goes out to stop him, and Abra Kadabra knows that Barry is the Flash, and he knows who Savitar is, Gypsy comes from Earth 19 to help, but Abra Kadabra manages to get away with a card trick.

Back at Star Labs the team discusses Kadabra, and Gypsy tells the team that he is from the 64th century, he uses advanced technology to create the illusion he is making magic tricks, Gypsy also tells team Flash that Kadabra is wanted on Earth 19 for murders.Everyone leaves the room, and Barry, Joe, and Iris discuss how they need to find out who Savitar is before Kadabra goes with Gypsy to Earth-19 for execution.

The team finds Kadabra, Barry, Wally, Gypsy, and Cisco, they try to take him down, but he is a hologram.Kadabra appears in Star Labs and throws and attacks Joe, Caitlin, and Jullian, they manage to get away and Barry comes and takes down Kadabra.

Barry, Iris, Joe, and Wally go to question Kadabra, he tells them that if they let him free he will tell them who Savitar is.Barry faces a Delima and decides to forget the offer.
Later on, Joe comes back and agrees to free Kadabra for the reveal of Savitar's identity.Gypsy sees this on the security camera and she vibes into the room, but Kadabra escapes, he runs into the brail and steals a little sphere.

He runs towards the elevator and Joe holds him up with a gun, he tells Kadabra that they had a deal, but Kadabra says he changed the terms.Kadabra throws a bomb and Joe, Julian, and Caitlin gets injured.Kadabra leaves and Caitlin is left like a Tommy, impaled with a rod.Julian and Iris manage to patch up Caitlin with their limited medical skills, Jillian is tempted to take off Caitlin's necklace so she could heal herself using h er powers, Caitlin resists, and being awake in the whole Surgery, Caitlin is safe.

Gypsy starts to argue with Joe and Cisco comes in and he talks to Gypsy, we learn that 3 years ago Kadabra murdered her partner and now that she has her chance for justice Joe screwed it up, but Cisco tells Gypsy that Joe is afraid of losing his daughter and nobody wants to see Iris die.

The team finds Kadabra has stolen a time machine and he used the sphere he stole o power it.Barry, Wally, Gypsy, and Cisco go out to stop it.After running across rooftops, Barry manages to stop Kadabra and the time machine gets lost.
Back at Star Labs, everyone is down.Gypsy says goodbye to team Flash and she leaves with Kadabra, Barry tells Kadabra that he didn't need his help.The two go back to Earth-19.

At Joe's house, Joe and Iris are sitting down.Barry tells them that they are going to find out who Savitar is, by going into the future.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco and Caitlin are hanging out while Caitlin is still recovering, HR comes back and he tells Cisco and Caitlin he was on a date.Julian comes in the room to check on Caitlin.Caitlin starts to have a seizure and Julian tries to do CPR, Cisco gives Caitlin oxygen, HR is doing stuff, everyone is freaking out, Caitlin has no heartbeat, Julian takes off her necklace and her heartbeat comes back.Her scars heal and then there is a puff of frost which sends everyone flying across the room, we then see Killer Frost come out, full white hair and she looks angry.

My favorite scene in the episode was by far the ending.Caitlin goes full Killer Frost, fulfilling the last headline.It seems like Caitlin, I mean Killer Frost will do something drastic, I wonder what.But this may have been the last time we saw Caitlin Snow on the tv show, she might just be Killer Frost.

The stand out character in the episode was Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, she was great.Caitlin Snow has been such an adorable character to have on the show and now it seems like she is now going to be Killer Frost full time.Jesse L. Martin was great as Joe in the episode, I liked how he put all his faith into a chance just to save try save Iris.David Datsmalchian as Abra Kadabra, he was so awesome, we could possibly see him again, there's other earth or he could come from another timeline.But this character was so awesome, David Datsmalchain really brought the character to life.

Overall this episode of the flash was a great one.We didn't learn Savitar's identity but we did get a really awesome tease for what will happen later in the season with killer Frost.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comemnt below your thoughts on the episode, As always thanks for reading, waddle on.

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