Season 3 Episode 17:
So the musical crossover of the Flash is here and it was really enjoyable if you haven't watched Supergirl, you don't have to, just some of the story aspects with the characters flow over into this.Spoilers ahead lets recap.

The episode starts with a flashback to 18 years ago where we see Barry and his mother watching a musical on tv.
Back in present day, Barry is chilling is Cisco's apartment where he is watching the same musical.Barry and Cisco get called into Star Las by HR.At Star labs, a portal has opened and Mon-El and John come through with an unconscious Supergirl.The team immediately gives Supergirl medical attention and they ask John what happened and he told them that they brought in a prisoner and he put a spell of Kara and he escaped to Earth-1 to get Barry.

Cisco looks at the security cameras and finds the Music Meister chilling downstairs.Barry and Wally go down there and Music Meister has some super speed and he takes down Wally and puts the Whammy on Barry and barry is in the same dream as Kara, in a theater, and Kara is on stage singing.Barry and Kara reunite behind the stage and are wondering how they got where they are, Barry tells Kara that Mon bought her to Earth-1.

In this dream we see that Malcolm is the owner of this theater, Cisco is the bartender, and Winn is the piano player.The Music Meister talks to Barry and Kara and tells them that they are in Barry and Kara's head and they have to follow the script in order to get out, and if they die in the dream, they die in real life.The Musical meister then breaks into a song with Malcolm, Cisco, and Winn, and they all sing put a little love in your heart.After the music number finishes The Music Meister explains to Barry and Kara that he has to leave because he isn't in the dream, but in real life and projected himself in the dream.

Barry and Kara get to the backstage where they are abducted by a gang, the leaders of this gang are Martin Stein and Joe West.They ask barry and Kara to get back there daughter who has ben abducted by Malcolm.Joe gives Barry a picture and it is a picture of Iris.

Kara and Barry get directed by Cisco where Iris may be, which is an apartment.Kara and Barry kick down the door and they find Iris who is smooching with Mon-El.After freaking out a little, Barry and Kara convince Iris and Mon to reveal their forbidden love to their fathers, who hate each other (Mon's father in this dream world is Malcolm).

Back in the real world, Cisco gets an alert of a robbery at the Central City bank, and the thief is Music Meister.Cisco and Wally team up and John reveals himself as Martian Manhunter to team Flash and the three go out to bring in Music Meister, but plot twist, Music Meister has Supergirl's and the Flash's powers. Using Cisco's portals, Martian Manhunter and Kid Flash take down Music Meister and bring him into Star Labs.

In the dream world, Barry takes Iris to see her fathers about her love with Mon.Joe and Martin are mad at her first, but Barry gives a speech and they let Iris have true love and the two break out into song.While that was going on Kara takes Mon to see Merlyn as he reveals his love for Iris, Malcolm is mad at first, but Kara gives a speech and Malcolm accepts true love and breaks out into a song which is the other part of the song Martin and Joe were singing.
When they gave their speeches, Barry and Kara thought of their own love lives and the mistakes they made, and how to should have seen through their partner's perspective.When the songs finish, Joe tells martin to get the boys ready for war and Malcolm does the same thing.

At Star labs, Iris and Mon question Music Meister and he tell them that they are the key to bringing Barry and Kara back.

In the dream, Barry and Kara are rehearsing and they sing a superfriends song, Barry also drops some shade on Superman, which I don't know where he learned that from.But the two perform on stage, and outside a gun fight is going on between Malcolm, and Hoe, and Martin and their gangs.Barry goes out there to stop it but he gets shot, and so does Kara.
In the real world, Barry and Kara are having seizures, Caitlin warns the team and Cisco vibes Iris and Mon into the dream world.Iris forgives barry and Mon apologizes to Kara, and Iris kisses barry and the two get transported out of the world, and so does Kara nad Mon after a kiss.

Barry and Kara wake up and are greeted by their friends.The Music Meister comes in and claps, he tells barry and kara that he placed them in the dream world to learn the value of love, and how their love lives had been in turmoil.The Music Meister leaves.

Later on, Joe comes to Star Labs where Barry tells him about the experience.Kara, Mon, and Joh go home to Earth-38.Later that night Barry gets home the apartment where Iris is, he performs a song for her and then he proposes to her and she accepts.

The biggest scene in the episode was the ending with Barry proposing to Iris.So does this mean she will wear the ring unless she looses it right before Savitar is about to kill her.I feel like Savitar went into the future to kill Iris, but came back to present day and he won't kill her.

In the episode I did enjoy team Flash react to Martian Manhunter, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and it was great.I loved Caitlin's reaction, just keep it cool.And also the team up between Kid Flash, Martian manhunter, and Vibe was great.

Since this was a musical, the songs were a big part, there were 6 songs performed by the cast.But my favorite song was the Superfriends, which, shout out to the cartoon.The song was great, it was fun, and it was fitting for the characters.

The cast in the episode was great.Melissa Benoist as Kara was great, her voice was phenomenal.Grant Gustin's performance was great, the song he had at the end was amazing to see.Darren Criss as the Music Meister was a ver different villain, well good different.I wouldn't consider him a hero as the whole dream was a setup, but he did try to steal from a bank.The other's who sang was also amazing, John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), Jeremy Jordan (Winn Shott), Jesse L. Martin (Joe West), and Victor Garber (Martin Stein).

Not involved with the musical stuff, Wally was a great character in the episode, he seems more like a team leader, like Barry.And he seems a lot faster than Barry at the moment.

Overall, as cheesy as this was, this musical crossover was different, and it was a well-done job.The musical numbers were great, I enjoyed the story in and out of the dream.A lot of the events in both Supergirl and the Flash were addressed and were resolved by the end.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode, and what was your favorite song.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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