Season 3 Episode 16:

Hey Everyone, on this episode of the Flash we see all the people that have died come back in the speed force. So spoilers for the episode let's recap.

In the episode Barry decides he has to go into the speed force to try find Wally.Jesse offers to go help Barry but he tells her to stay behind.Cisco creates a device to track Barry in the speed force and read his vitals.
So Barry gets vibed into the speed force by Cisco and Barry is in the police department where he finds Eddie.
Barry freaks out and Eddie asks him "why did you come here", Barry asks "where is Wally"  and Eddie says "you can't be the hero", Eddie then says that the speed force isn't wiling to help Barry since he created flashpoint and that Wally shouldn't be freed because he he is a flash.
Back at Star Labs, Jesse wants to stop Savitar and Cisco tells her that she is crazy.Meanwhile Iris is looking at the future newspaper and she gets a warming talk from Joe.

Back on the speed force Barry is still in the police station and Eddie tells him that he can save Wally and he is through the elevator doors, but then a time wrath shows up and Barry out runs in an gets in the elevator where he is in Star Labs where he finds Caitlin who is holding a baby girl, Barry turns around and finds Ronnie.

Back at the real Star Labs, Cisco, Julian, Caitlin, HR, and Jesse are analyzing the piece of Savitar's suit, Jesse still wants to defeat Saviar as soon as possible, HR accidentally upset Jesse and he goes to apologize to her but she is still mad at him.

Back in the speed force Barry tells Ronnie that he wants to takes Wally's place in the speed force, Ronnie tells Barry that Wally can't be freed and then the black flash shows up and fights Barty.Barry races to the elevator but the Black Flash pinned Barry down, Ronnie then tells Barry in order to save Wally he has to free himself.Barry then gets his logo on his chest which contains his lifeline and puts it on Black Flash who explodes.

This shows up on the readings for Barry and team Flash thinks that Barry is injured.
Barry then ends up in a hospital where he finds Wally in a room, Captain Cold then shows up and shoots Barry.
Back at Star Labs Jesse takes Savitar's piece of the suit and runs off with it to try track Savitar, HR tried to stop her but was punched by her.

Back in the speed force Barry is confronted be Leonard who tells Barry that Wally is reliving the most horrifying moment in his life, that being his mothers death.Leonard tells Barry that he is not learning his lesson, Leonard tells Barry that he inspired Captain Cold to sacrifice himself.Leonard then freezes Barry but the Jay Garrick comes in and takes down Leonard and tells Barry that he is going to get him out, and that team Flash contacted jay because they saw the readings of Barry when the device blew up on the Black Flash.

Back to Jesse she is out of Star Labs and she has the pie if Svaoyars suit which starts glowing and flies away and Jesse chase it , she ends up in a parking lot and she is confronted by Savitar, she throws a lightning bolt and Savitar absorbs it, Savitar picks up Jesse and HR talks to her on the coms and tells her that Savitar where armor because he must be vunrable underneath, so Jesse stabs Saviatar with the piece of his armor.

Back in the speed force Barry is helped up by Jay an they take down Leonard and Barry takes Wally, Jay tells Barry that he must stay behind to take Wally's place in the speed force.Barry promises Jay that he will bring him back.

Barry and Wally get back to the real world and are greater by everyone.Barry tells Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, and HR that he saw Eddie, Ronnie, and Leonard, and he tells them that saving Iris is his duty, that's hey Jay stayed in the speed force not Barry.Jesse talks to Wally and she tells him that she has to go to Earth 3, because Savitar told her that she has plan for her that she doesn't want to be apart of that, plus Earth 3 needs a Flash.

Jesse gets vibed to Earth 3 and HR tells the team that Savitar is only a man under the suit.
Back at Barry's apartment Barry talks to Iris and he breaks off the relationship.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending stuff, where Barry is going to take full responsibility of Iris's death, which explains why Wally would be absent from Iris's death in the future.
Maybe the future will change and Earth-19 Flash will show up.But at this point in time, Barry has to face Savitar who will murder Iris, and who knows when Barry and the rest of team Flash will learn about Savitar, I am kind of hoping that it is Ginger Wally West and he had ties with Barry and now he is Savitar

The stand out character in the episode was Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the Flash.I really liked how he had to go through the speed force learning his lesson from people he inspired who sacrificed themselves.So now Barry has learned his lesson and it his duty to save Iris, not Wally's.
I also enjoyed having Rick Cosnett as Eddie, Robbie Amell as Ronnie, and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

Overall, this episode was awesome, I loved seeing Eddie, Ronne, and Leonard back.I thought Wally would stay in the speed force for a little longer.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Next week is the musical crossover with Supergirl.But comment below in your thoughts in the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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