Season 3 Episode 15:

On this episode of the Flash so much happened, the episode revealed some parts of Savitar's prophecy, which was someone will betray the team, someone will suffer a fate far worse than death, and someone will die.So spoilers ahead for the episode let's recap.

The episode starts off with Barry, Jesse, and Wally training and Wally is put under tSavitartar killing Iris condition where he beats Barry and it seems like Wally is fast enough the beat Savitar, but Wally sees Savitar off in the distance.
Back at Star Labs Iris tells everyone that she and Barry are engaged and everyone is happy, Joe is kind of sad that Barry didn't ask him earlier.Barry and Wally get called to a fire, Barry goes to put out the fire and Wally follows but he gets beat up by and invisible Savitar.
Back at Star Labs Wally gets examined and Barry also sidelines Wally.The team also asks Julian to be the voice of Savitar again, Julian says no and Caitlin goes to talk with him where they kiss.
Julian is hooked up to the mind device and Savitar speaks through Julian and he says that HR will not die, and he goes on to say that team Flash ruined his life.And when asked "Who are you" by Barry Savitar replies "I am the future"

Cisco tracks down one of Savitar's followers and barry goes after him and finds a statue of Savitar and a case for the philosophers stone which he brings back to Star Labs to examine.
Wally wants to see the circumstances he is in when he has to face Savitar so he asks Cisco to vibe him to the future.Wally sees Iris die and he sees that she doesn't have the engagement ring on.
Wally goes to confront Barry in front of everyone and Barry admits that he did propose to Iris now because he thought it could effect the future, Iris gets upset and walks away.Caitlin also reveals to the team that she kept the philosophers stone to try to get rid of her powers.

The team uses the philosopher's stone to try contact Savitar through Julian and Savitar says that he will be created soon.Jesse gets home and she finds Wally is getting ready to go train at Star labs they sit down on the coach and Wally sees his mother and he goes and hugs her she tells him "you'll never be fast enough." and Wally realizes that it is Savitar who sways him.

Barry and Iris are talking at their apartment and Iris asks if Barry if he proposed to her out of love and barry tells her that he just wants to save her.Iris mentions something about Eternity and Barry has a thought and gets to Star Labs.
At Star, Labs Cisco was trying to track Savitar but only saw flashes of white.Barry and Iris come in and tell the tell the team that Savitar is stuck in the speed force and then Jesse comes in telling the team about Wally hallucinating.Cisco can't track Wally but then he manages to pick up a signal and Barry races over there.Barry finds Wally with the Philosophers stone and he throws it into the speed force.
Wally gets sucked into the speed force and gets evaporated.Savitar then comes out of the speed force and he starts fighting Barry.The speedsters run through the city and Barry is landing a couple hits on Barry, showing that at this point the are evenly matched.
Savitar stabs Barry put Barry manages to cut one of Savitar's swords by phasing his hand through it and Savitar runs away.
Back at Star Lab's barry gets treated, Joe is upset that Wally is gone and Jesse gets comforted by HR.Caitlin apologizes to Barry and he forgives her.

My favorite scene in the episode was Wally getting sucked into the speed force and replacing Savitar as the living entity in the speed force.If you were confused, no Wally is not Savitar as far as we know, but now it seems like everything is falling into place for Iris getting murdered in the future, Wally being sucked into the speed force means that he isn't around to save Iris which is why he wasn't there when Barry travelled into the future in the mid-season finale.It also seems like Wally is the one who is suffering a fate far worse than death, he is probably experiencing never ending pain being stuck in the speed force, unless he is in the speed force the way Barry was in the Runaway Dinosaur episode.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West, I liked seeing the character go crazy and hallucinate his mother and the end scene was great.I can't wait to see what has happened to the character.I also enjoyed Danielle Panabaker in this episode and how she gave up the philosophers for her team.I also like Tom Felton in the episode, and how he doesn't want Caitlin to see him in an evil light.I think that possibly at the end of the season the two might run off together, as heroes or villains.

Overall this episode of the Flash was awesome.I really liked how theprohercy was adapted in this episode, and Savitar's new suit looks great, and I can't wait learning the history of him, he said that he is the future, I dont think he means future Barry.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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