On Entertainment Weekly a new Cover of Thor Ragnarok was released.On the cover, we have out first look at Thor, Valkyrie, and Hela.

So starting with Hela, I know we have had a couple concept art images, but they don't look a whole like what Cate Blanchet is wearing here.We see that the costume has a great amount of black, and there is also a blend of green in the costume, with great detail.We see that Hela has a black cape as well, and Cat Blanchet looks so awesome as Hela and it looks like a great new twist to the costume.

So next we have Tess Thompson as Valkyrie who seems to have a simple black/blue costume.There are some straps on the costume.And it appears that she has a sword.

So now Chris Hemsworth as Thor, this is a dramatic change from Age of Ultron.The notable difference is that Chris Hemsworth had short hair, there were rumors about this before but now it is true.I believe that this hair style is when Thor enters the Gladiator Arena, without his hammer which explains his swords.The costume that he is wearing has the same black overall, however,  all the plates are gone and there are only two gold plates on his neck.There is a blue plate on his left shoulder which is some gladiator armor.
I really like the new look at Thor and out first look at Hela and Valkyrie

Here are a bunch more images that were released, there are a bunch of behind the scenes stuff which is really cool.This sets look very colorful and interesting, it looks kind of like a city.

There is an image of Loki which shows him with a new suit, still keeping the green color but with some purple thrown in there and a yellow cape.The area where he is sitting is probably next to the grandmaster in is room watching over the gladiator arena.

Then we have Valkyrie at a Cantina with some creatures which are in heavy armored costumes.This is where she most likely will be at the start of the film.

Valkyrie and Thor are is a green room, this might be where they meet.valkyries appears what looks like a hammer, kind of like Mjolnir, however, it has a neon blue circle on top.It could very well be Mjolnir picked up by Valkyrie and modified, which could explain why Thor might have a new weapon in Infinity War from the concept art.

There are a couple more set images, one with valkyrie and Taika Waititi on top of a platform which does not look like it is from Asgard or Earth.We see the back of thor's costume where we see he only has a cape on the left side.

Here we have an alternate look to Hela where Cate Blanchette is wearing the black part of the Hela costume.I really like seeing the makeup close.There is much more of a demonic vibe to the character.

The final image here is of Thor who is in the full Gladiator gear, the swords are on his back, and he is wielding a shield, which has some purple on it.I would guess that this is Thor getting ready to go into the gladiator arena, possibly to face the Hulk.And no that is not blood on his face that is probably paint.

There was also another image released which was the Grandmaster being played by Jeff Goldblum.So as we can see in this image the Grand Master looks nothing like he did in the comics, and I have to say I am fine with that.With Jeff Goldblum, you wouldn't want to mocap him.The costume he wears has a lot of blue, representing his skin color in the comics.He is wearing a gold jacket representing how high he is.

Okay, so there were so many images that were released.I love seeing all the new costumes and I can't wait for a trailer, which will probably drop in May in release for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.Comment below what image is your favorite down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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