The new trailer for Wonder Woman has just come out, this was the origin trailer, so it showed off a lot of Themyscria and it showed some of the story aspects of the film, however Ares, the villain of the film was not in the trailer.But let's break down the trailer.

The first shots of the trailer are on Themyscria where a very young Diana is being shown by her mother the treasures of the Amazons, including the sword, which she is told she will never be able to wield
The next shots are of Diana training in her teen years and Diana training where the film picks up, we see her use the full power of her gauntlets by creating a force field throwing back the person who was training her.
Diana seems to be the first one who finds Steve wash up on Themyscira.I believe Steve was shot down in his jet and that is how he got in the hands of Diana.
After the Amazons find Steve and he warns them he is being taken care of by Diana, possibly because she found him or it is out of her own will.But Diana tells Steve that the Amazonians are the protectors of Earth, possibly referring to them taking down Darkseid a long time ago which leads into the Justice League.
Here is the woman who trained Diana, she seems to sue a bow and arrow as her primary weapon, and where she is fighting is when the Germans attack the Amazonians to find Steve which will force Steve to leave Themyscira and Diana will follow him leading to the events of the film.
Here is the character, Paula Von Gunther who is the person who developed the deadly mustard gas which will be heavily used in this film, as it is set in World war 1.
 Diana's mother giving Diana a farewell hoping she will return to Themyscira 
Diana is collecting her goods for the trip, including the lasso of truth, the sword she was told she would never have, her shield, and the classic suit.
Diana and Steve are on a boat traveling to London, this I would say is the way they are going to travel from Themyscria to London.I really like Diana's reaction to London.
Diana saves Steve in an alleyway.We have seen this shot before.This takes place in London I believe, but London is not the only place that they will travel to.
Diana on the battle field.I predict that this takes place in the middle of the film.But this country that Diana is fighting in is possibly France as we see her in the full Wonder Woman costume in France.
Wow a blue portal in the sky in a superhero movie.I believe that this is going to take place in the third act of the film and it is going to be the summoning of Ares to Earth.
 This is the slow motion scene that we have seen in the trailer before.This could take place right before the next shot.
This scene seems like act 1.5 where Diana is in France and she is taking down a lot of soldiers with the lasso.In the corner of the frame we see a flipped truck.This is the truck that Diana flips in another shot.
This looks like Diana is going to fly, but as we know this version of Wonder Woman can not fly, so this is her jumping.The dark background makes the shot look like it is at night, possibly at the third act of the film when Diana faces Ares at night time.
 Here is the shot of Diana flipping the truck
The Steve and Diana relationship seems to be developing like in the comics.By the end of the film, Diana will have to let go of Steve as she is around for another 100 years.
 This is a military base being destroyed.The night time setting leads me to believe that this is the Wonder Woman vs Ares fight
 This is a military chief asking someone who are you, we don't see Diana so he could be talking to Ares
 This is the slow motion scene we have been seeing, and this shot looks awesome!
This is possibly how the fight spills out onto the streets where Diana flips the truck.
Here is Diana looking in distress.This appears to be the begging of the third act where Diana see Ares for the first time.
Diana seems to be focusing on gaining maximum power, her suit has this wicked glow to it, but this pose reminds me of Superman regaining power in the sun.
This shot of Diana has her blocking lighting with her gauntlets.The lighting is coming from Ares in the third act.This could be how she defeats Ares.There is symmetry going on here, Diana makes this pose blocking a hit with her gauntlets at the begging of the film in her training which leads her to this moment with Ares and she pulls the same move to end it.
The final shot is a cringe humor shot with Diana holding the sword and shield in public.

Overall, the trailer for Wonder Woman gets me hyped, I am surprised that Ares was not shown in the trailer, but it seems like that he is going to kept of all marketing like Luke Skywalker was for the force awakens.Leave a comment on the trailer down below on your opions or anything I may ahve missed.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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