Season 4 Episode 19:

Hey everyone Agents of SHIELD is back and everything is coming together in the framework., we learn what Aida is planning, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode opens with Daisy back with her powers and May, breaking out of the triskelion, Daisy uses her powers to push Madame Hydra Aida out of the window and Aida has her 'spine' broken.
Daisy and May go on the run, avoiding Hydra who has publicized their criminal activity, especially by the Hydra news network. Coulson, Mack, and Burrows go out and find Daisy and May.After Mack holds a gun to May's head for what she has done, everyone goes back to the resistance base.

Coulson decides that if they broadcast May's body cam footage of the patriot saving people, people can be more aware of what Hydra is doing.Daisy and Ward have a conversation of the real world and Ward kind of realizes that he won't be in the real world. Daisy, Coulson, may, and Ward discusses the real issue at hand, Daisy wants to get out of the framework, but Coulson tells Daisy that the only way to solve their problems of getting out of the framework is to stop Hydra in the framework.

Coulson, May, Daisy, Ward, and Burrows get to the Hydra news station, they record and message. Ward and Daisy have a conversation, Ward asks Dasiy when she leaves to the real world, will he get Skye back, the Skye he knew. The team sends out the broadcast. Burrow runs into the room to tell Ward that there are people outside, Ward is about to grab his gun, but Burrow says "I think they're here to help."

Meanwhile Simmons and Trip go to an oil rig to investigate plans Trip found in the Hydra base. They get to the oil rig and they do not find a single thing there. Simmons realizes that Aida is not building the looking glass project in the framework, but in the real world at the same location.Simmons and Trip get back on the quinjet and fly back to the base.

Also happening in the episode, Fitz's father interrogates Radcliff, who doesn't give up anything. Fitz became head of Hydra as Aida isn't capable of doing, with a broken back in the framework, and Fitz also completes project looking glass which we find out is to give Aida a real body in real life.

The episode ends in the real work with robot Ivanov telling Aida that he has tracked the two Agents from the real world in the framework and that they are on a quinjet, while the two look at the looking glass project.

My favorite scene in the episode was the conversation between Daisy and Ward. It is interesting to see how much depth there is to everyone in the framework, and how these people in the framework have a past, but when Daisy and Simmons come along they are telling everyone the universe was created last Thursday, and for the framework, yes it was. But it is interesting to see this side of emotion on Grant Ward, something we haven't seen. But I hope, I just hope, at the end of the season we get a tease for an LMD being built, modeled after Grant Ward, they could do one for Trip as well, it is an exciting way for characters to be brought back.

The stand out charcter in the episode was Brett Dalton as Ward, I mentioned just before the side of Ward we never saw, even though Brett Dalton played such an awesome villain in season 1-3, it is great to see a different side of him.
I am also enjoying Mallory Jensen as Aida, she was great, she was shattered but she will seemingly rise again. I am interested to see her plan and how it evolves.Her arc in the season seems like she just wants to fit in, there is nothing really else to it.It is also interesting how Aida's programming makes her protect the SHIELD crew, even though one of them died in the framework.

I am very excited to see what happen in the rest of the season of Agents of SHIELD, it is my favorite show on tv right now. Everything is coming together and I hope the show gets renewed for Season 5. But I will give this episode a 9 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below, I would like to know. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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