Season 4 Episode 17:

On this episode of Agents of Hydra, we find some more heroes twisted in the framework reality. There were two plots in the episode, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode, Coulson talks to Daisy and he believes Hydra brainwashed everyone and the reality they are in is not the real reality.Ward calls Daisy and tells her that they are after Coulson, so Daisy and Coulson leave.

We find Mack who is and ordinary civilian, he has a daughter who built a drone using Hydra drone parts.Mack freaks out and he tells his daughter, Hope that it's okay, and they will put the drone back.
The two go to a bus stop where Hydra shows up and asks for everyone's ID's.Hope tells Mack that the drone is in her school bag, Mack takes a hold of the school bag. A man at the line run's away and Hydra catches him and they leave.

Meanwhile, we find Madame Hydra talking to Fitz, she hides from him the image of Jemma, but she eventually shows him.But Fitz has no reaction
At the Hydra headquarters, Ward and Daisy are searching up Radcliff's whereabouts.They find it and they leave.May pulls Daisy over for a mission so Daisy goes with her and Ward goes to the resistance base.

Simmons and Coulson get recruited into the resistance where Jeffery Mace, the patriot is the leader. The resistance base is the real life SHIELD base, Jeffery tells  Simmons and Coulson that the base houses potential Inhumans.Ward shows up and gives the whereabouts of Radcliff to Simmons after she tells after a small argument.

Back to Daisy, who is in a briefing where they find out the Simmons is a fugitive.Daisy goes in a truck with May and Hydra soldiers and they bust into a house, we find out that it is Mack's house where he and his daughter are captured.

Back with Madame Hydra, she tells Fitz that Simmons is from the outside, she tells him that she is out to get him and that SHIELD made her a slave to their will.She tells them that she needs to continue to build a device to stop keep the framework going and to not let anyone get in or out of the framework.The two kiss for a bit.

Back with Daisy, we find her looking after Hope in an interrogation room, she goes to see Mack where he tells her that she remembers, and Daisy talks to him, thinking he remembers.Mack says sorry and opened his hand to reveal a microphone, he tells Daisy that the other agent made him do it.

Daisy tries to run out of the facility but May confronts her, tells her that she is a possible Inhuman.Hydra guards start beating up Dasiy and drag her away.She is dragged past Mack and Hope and Hope is worried because Daisy was nice to her.May tells Mack that he did a great service for Hydra.

Simmons, Ward, and Coulson set off in a quinjet to find Radcliff. They get to an island and the three hold up Radcliff who is in his garden. Simmons asks Radcliff why he created the twisted world, he tells Simmons that Aida killed him and she is controlling the world.Hydra shows up so Ward, Simmons, and Coulson hide. Radcliff calls Madame Hydra Aida and she hates that name. Fitz holds a gun to Radcliff's wife and Radcliff tries to sway Fitz. Behind some bushes, Ward has a snippet held up to Fitz, Simmons tells him not to shot as Fitz is a good person. Fitz shoots Radcliff's wife and Simmon screams knowing that the Fitz she knew is no more. The SHIELD team leaves the island and Radcliff is taken by Hydra.
Back at the SHIELD base, Simmons has some time to herself and Mack shows up and wants to join SHIELD.

The final scene in the episode was of Daisy in a cell where she hears Radcliff bring tortured. Fitz comes into Daisy's cell and she tries to tell him the truth but he tells her that the other guy [Radcliff] who told him that didn't he up too well.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end where Mack joins the resistance.I felt the relationship between him and his daughter was at up well for him to join the resistance. So on the resistance side, we have Jeffery, Ward, Simmons, Coulson, and now Mack, so they will have rescue Daisy and escape the framework. Before Madame Hydra traps them with the project she is working on.

The stand out character in the episode was Henry Simmons as Mack. It was great seeing how he would live the simple life if he didn't join SHIELD. His daughter would be alive, but he doesn't know Yoyo.
In the episode, Iain De Caestececker was great as framework Fitz, with the character so deep in Hydra he killed a person for Madame Hydra. It shows how twisted the framework is to make one the shows most noble heroes a murderer.

Overall the episode was a solid one, I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD at the moment, it feels like we have had 3 separate seasons in the span of this year, the show is staying fresh.The alternate versions of the characters in the framework are complex and I can't wait to see where the story goes.I will give this episode an 8 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode. As always thanks reading, take care

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