Season 4 Episode 18:

Hey, everyone, Agents of Hydra is back and so much happened this episode, so spoilers ahead, let's recap the episode.

The episode starts off with Coulson and Jeffery intercepting a Hydra bus to find Daisy, they don't find her but instead body bags.Back at the Resistance base, Simmons tells Jeffery and Ward that they are in a simulation.Jeffery is questioning Simmons and Ward says to Simmons "what if your the person that is waking up to the real world." Simmons says because Fitz would never kill someone.Simmons meets framework Mack and meets his daughter.

At the Hydra base, Dr. Turgeon shows May a new strength enhancer that will make the Patriot cry. May takes the bottle.In the cell with Daisy, she was interrogated by Aida, who taunts Daisy with bringing back Lincon, Aida leaves and Daisy hears Radcliff crying. Daisy talks to him and she finds out that there is a backdoor to get out of the framework, and Aida can't shut it down, Radcliff tells Daisy where the backdoor is.Meanwhile, Fitz and his father are talking and Fitz tells him he feels like he didn't need to kill Radcliff's wife.

Jeffery, Coulson, and Agents Burrows use the Hydra bus to sneak into a facility to find Daisy. Coulson and Jeffery sneak into a building a break out some prisoners and lead them to the bus. Among the prisoners is Agent Trip who was working undercover for Jeffery. He has a search for his boots which contain a camera he got from his howling commando grandfather, and he used to take photos of Hydra projects.They find the boots, but Coulson sees one of his students from his school in handcuffs being directed into a building.

Hydra is notified of the Patriot being at the Hydra prison facility, Fitz injects the enhancer into May and she leaves in a quinjet.
Coulson follows and he tells Trip to go to the bus. Trip tells Jeffery who follows Coulson, Jeffery is intercepted by super soldier May, so Jeffery and May have a fight. Jeffery takes down May, who tells Jeffery that he is a terrorist, and he tells her that if he was he would have killed her.

Jeffery gets into the building. Coulson gets inside the building and finds a classroom of kids being brainwashed.Trip follows Coulson and they start freeing the kids. May notifies Fitz who tells Madame Hydra and she orders for the whole building the be destroyed.The Hydra quinjet sends a missile to the building leaving it the start to crumble.

Ward and Simmons get to the building as reinforcements and they start freeing the kids. May grabs a gun and head inside the unstable building. She passes some kids getting down the stairs and they tell her that people need help. May questions why there are kids in the building, but she heads further up. Jeffery is holding up a lot of the building from collapsing on a kid.May walks in the room about to kill the patriot, Coulson, Simmons, Trip and Ward stop her and tell her that he is saving a kid. Jeffery manages to get the kid free and he thanks, everyone, and leaves. Coulson, Simmons, Trip, and Ward are trying to find ways of supporting the building instead of Jeffery, but he tells them to leave, they refuse, but eventually, they reluctantly leave and get to the bus. May gets out of the building not killing Jeffery.

Jeffery lets go of the bundling sacrificing himself as a hero. We cut to the real world with Aida, she walks past Jeffery's real body and sees the vitals are flat, she presses disengage on the monitor.

The end scene of the episode was of May walking into Daisy's cell, and May confronts Daisy of being an Inhuman, Daisy replies "If I had my power I would bring this whole building down." May gets out of her pocket a Terrigen crystal, she says "I hope so." and she drops it, and Daisy evolves into the cacoon giving Daisy, her powers.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending. When May realized that Hydra was kidnapping children, something she thought they would never do, she knew that Hydra was not as it seems, so she decides to change sides and help Daisy. It was a great way to develop framework May. Daisy getting her powers, great to see again when Daisy first got her powers Trip died, but now he is back when she gets her powers again. I wonder if they will be different than her real powers in any way.

The best character in the episode, Jason O'Mara as Jeffery Mace aka The Patriot. In the episode, the framework version of the character was developed well in the episode, from learning what he had been through sounded tragic and him realizing that all the sacrifices he made were not for a real cause. It was sad in the episode seeing Jeffery die, he was developed as a great character in this season, with his leadership. Jason O'Mara brought that character to life.

I also enjoyed seeing B.J. Britt as Agent Triplett back on the show. The character was one of the best characters, I was sad when he was killed off in season 2, but him being alive in the framework worked out well. I am looking forward to seeing Trip reunite with the other characters, such as Daisy,

Overall this episode was a spectacular episode. The storyline is working out well, the character development in the framework is amazing and I just loved this episode. I will give No Regrets as 9.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts/ opinions on the episode. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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