Season 4 Episode 16:

Agents of SHIELD is finally back and it really should be called Agents of HYDRA.But spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode we find Daisy Skye is in the framework, she is together with Ward and is working at Hydra, who is in control of the world and is hunting down and outlawing inhumans.Meanwhile, we find Simmons who is buried in the ground, she digs her way out and after nearly being arrested she steals a car, finds out about a resistance against Hydra, and she goes to a park to meet Daisy who is delayed at the Hydra headquarters, the triskelion, interrogating Vijay, the inhuman, brother of the senator.We discover that May is Skye's superior, and Fitz is a doctor at Hydra.Vijay gets tested on by the dreadful doctor, Fitz.

Simmons discovers the whereabout of teacher Coulson, she visits him and tries to get him to remember who he is, after mentioning Tahiti he gets Simmons to leave.Simmons finds a student of Coulson's who knows's the origin of Hydra, the of the nazi science division.The student gives Simmon's his car after her graffitied on the one she stole.
At night Simmons meets up with Daisy at the park, Ward finds them and tells the two that he is part of the resistance, Skye and Simmons follow him and they get to Daisy's apartment, Ward burns the car on fire and Daisy and Simmons try to leave the framework, however, they are stuck.

We cut to Fitz informing the head of Hydra about some member going rogue.We discover that the head of Hydra is Aida.Fitz and Aida share a kiss.

The final scene of the episode is of Daisy confronting teacher Coulson and she makes him remember who he really is, he then closes his eyes and responds "Daisy."

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending.Coulson remembers.I don't know how this is possibly but he remembers.It could be possible that he is a double agent for Hydra and he is pretending to know.But it is a possibility, Simmons mentioned the names of the team, including Daisy, and maybe teacher Coulson knows of May and Fitz, and guessed this is Daisy.But I hope not.

Brett Dalton as Grant Ward was so amazing to see back.It feels like a long time he has been out of the show.
It is great in the framework how we have a good guy Ward.I did kind of enjoy the good hero agent award, but it did make for a great twist in season 1.I can't wait to see where the character goes in season and hopefully in the season finale there is a tease of a Ward LMD being built.

Overall, Agents if SHIELD is going strong with the new episodes, it is great the show is back, and how insane is the framework, comment below.It really is a what if? for the MCU.I will give this episode of Agents of SHIELD an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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