Season 5 Episode 19:

Hey, everyone, Arrow is back and this episode we see how Felicity betrays the team in order to accomplish the primary goal, to put chase away. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode we find Argus and team Arrow (with Oliver still not the Green Arrow) in an arcade trying to track Prometheus after the game, Maximum force is destroyed by Prometheus's traps, the team does not find him.

Oliver gets to the Mayor's office and he holds a conference between him and the families of the victims that Prometheus has killed. We see that Quinten and Rene are consulting some of these victims and they have to assure them they are doing everything to put Chase away.

Felicity goes to the Helix headquarters and she asks Alena if she can have help finding Adrain Chase (Prometheus), Alena tells Felicity that Argus is holding a dangerous hacker, the founder of Helix, as a prisoner, so Alena needs to free him so he has tech which can track Adrian.We cut to a man with Argus keys, and Alena accidentally kills him in an elevator and steals is Argus key.

After learning about the death, team Arrow, and Lyla discuss that Helix needs another key to get into Argus, and there is only one other noncorrupted key. Team Arrow roll out to protect and Argus agents who is being held up by Helix mercenaries. On the mission, John gets a phone call from Felicity and she tells him that they need to allow Helix to get away with the key. John makes Oliver stand down and Helix gets away with the key.

Back at the Arrow cave Oliver tells Felicity not to step the line, she tells Oliver that he is the last person who could say that, but she corrected herself and said second to last, and looked at Lyla. Felicity says "I am on the side of putting Chase away."

John and Oliver talk over what Felicity has done. John tells Oliver that they need to get Felicity out of Helix, and Oliver needs to talk to her. At Felicity's apartment, Oliver talks to Felicity and tells her that she shouldn't go on this mission with Helix, Felicity tells Oliver that she is doing this to put Chase away, as Oliver has done this for the past 4 years, and Felicity just wants to help, as Oliver has sacrificed his soul for everyone.

At the Argus headquarters, Oliver, Dinah, Curtis and Diggle are waiting for Helix to show up. Diggle talks to Lyla and tells her that she is becoming like Amanda Waller, and she has drifted to the dark side.

A van shows up to the Argus base and the team finds out it is a fake van, and Lyla reveals that they must have gone to the area where she transported the Helix leader.The team takes a helicopter to get to the sit. Meanwhile, Felicity, Alena, and Helix mercenaries are getting their way through traps. They use the keys to open up a container and get the man they were looking for.Team Arrow shows up and takes down some of the mercenaries. Oliver is holding up the Helix leader from getting in the van, but Felicity walks in front of his gun, she tells him that she is doing what she has to do, to put Chase away. She traps Oliver behind some lasers and tells him that Curtis can get him out. Helix leaves with the leader who was illegally imprisoned by Argus.

Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver tells Curtis and Dinah that they did a good job and for them to go home. Diggle has a talk with Lyla and tells her that she is making questionable calls like Amanda Waller, she held the Helix leader without a trial, Diggle tells her that he needs a break.

Also happening in the episode was Quinten and Rene was discussing why Rene doesn't see his daughter. Rene tells Quinten that he was irresponsible. Later on Quinten managed to arrange a meeting between Rene and his daughter.Rene is now prepared to get full custody of his daughter.

We cut to Felicity going to the Helix base, nothing is there, she gets a video message from Alena telling her that with her ties to team Arrow, she is a liability to Helix, so she is off the group, but the tech she needed to track down chase is on the table.Felicity gets back to the Arrow cave and Oliver apologizes to her, but Felicity uses the tech and finds out the Adrian Chase is in the building, then we see a smoke bomb.

The ending scene was great, a great cliffhanger to end on, and I can't wait to see how next week's episode starts. That was my favorite scene, as soon as everything calms down a little bit, everything explodes. It is insane how Adrian can just get anywhere.

I really enjoyed Emilly Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in the episode, the way the character was developed was great, how she just wants to do the right thing, but in doing so she created bad things. I liked the relationship she had with the team in the episode, especially at the end fight on the field, like she is going to take action, but she isn't willing to hurt her friends.

Overall, this episode of Arrow was interesting, in the way character motives were displayed, and the cliffhanger was great. I will give Dangerous Liaisons a 9 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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