Season 2 Episode 17:

The season finale of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 is here and it is insane, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode starts off with Rip i8n the tiny version of the waverider in Star Labs.He manages to find the legends who break into Star Labs to find the atom suit to bring Rip and the waverider back to full size.They do and they leave for 1916, to get the spare from their past selves, however, they will know that this is a one-way mission for them.Ray goes out on the battlefield of the war they were in before, Ray finds the bottle of Christ's blood, but Doomworld Reverse Flash shows up, takes the bottle of blood, breaks it, and he kills Ray, by ripping out his heart.

The legends go back on the waverider and go with their contingency plan, to steal the spare of destiny from their past-selves.Doomworld Eobard warns the past legion of doom about the future legends from Doomworld.Eobard runs off and he tells the legion he is getting some help.

Future Mick, Rip, and Nate go aboard the wave rider while their past-selves were out at the castle.Rip takes Gideon offline, Mick steals the spare, but Nate gets distracted by Amaya.The future legends are late and the past legends are coming back to the wave rider future Sarah and Jefferson try to stall the past legends, but past Sarah talks to Ray over the coms and he believes the future Sarah and Jefferson are imposters, the future legends are taken down and are held on the wave rider by their past selves.Future Nate talks to past Nate about having no regret, while Future Sarah talks to Past Sarah about doing what is right.

There is a small time quake when future Rip meets past Rip, but future Mick tells the past legends what happened as they were asking why future Martin, Amaya, or Ray were not with them.
Malcolm, Damien, and Leonard come blasting the waverider, the Legends try time to jump out of 1916, however, they get trapped in a time storm and the waverider crashes, still in 1916.
The legends decide that they have to get the spare of destiny to the other waverider, the future waverider and the past legends evacuate on that, the past legends tell the future legends that they will be erased from existence, however, the future legends knew that.

All the legends face off against Damien, Malcolm, and Leonard.Future Jefferson gets killed by Malcolm, future Mick gets killed by Leonard, and Damien kills Nate.Amaya is upset, but past Nate comforts her, and Nate agrees to have no regret.

Past Sarah goes to fight Damien, she has him pinned down and she threatens to kill him, but she says that she wants him to suffer, and future Sarah knocks out Damien.Past Rip gets the spare to the waverider, the legends follow him, however, they get held up by Reverse Flash and an army of other Reverse Flash from throughout time.Amaya tells past Sarah to use the spare.As she says the spell, the legends fight the Reverse Flash's.Srah uses the spare and the frame cuts to white.We see Sarah sitting on a couch with Laurel, Laurel tells Sarah that she could be alive if she uses the spare.Sarah says that she has to be a hero and sacrifices all her regrets to save her friends.Sarah tells Laurel to use the spare, however, Laurel tells Sarah that a pure person doesn't need to wield the spare, but some who does the right thing.

We cut back to the battlefield in 1916, Eobard takes the spare of destiny from Srah, he tries to use to erase the legends, however, it doesn't work.Sarah rewrote reality and made a change or two to the spare of destiny.The Black Flash comes and kills Eobard, erasing him and all the Reverse Flashs' from existence.The Black Flash comes up close to Sarah and runs off.
The future doom world Sarah and Rip erase from existence, but future Sarah tells past Sarah that legends never die.

Mick drops Leonard back to 2014, he tells him that his sentence for his crimes is becoming a good man by joining the legends, Mick erases Leonard's memories.Sarah does the same and drops Damien in 1987.Amaya packs up her things and tells Nate that she needs to go back to 1942 to complete her destiny, but she tells Nate that, that can wait, and she decides to stay on the team.
Rip tells Sarah that he is taking some leave and he is taking the spare escape pod.Rip and Sarah shake hands and part ways.
The legends get prepared to leave, Mick plots a course for Aruba 2017.But the waverider malfunctions, it gets spat out from the temporal zone and crashes through a building into Los Angeles 2017, where there are dinosaurs.The Legends learn that they broke time.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending, the legends manage to break time.What a cliff hanger.It is insane to see what the world looks like when time is broken, but it is weird.So season 3 the legends will have to put time back together.
I was sad Reverse Flash died, however with the legends breaking time they will have to put it together again, which will lead to the Reverse Flash coming back, so don't worry it will work out.

I liked Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Vixen in the episode.It was great seeing her react to Nate's death like Nate reacted to her death.Nick Zano was also awesome in the episode, I liked how she reacted to seeing Amaya alive, and Martin says to him "it's like you have seen a ghost." and to him Amaya was dead.It worked out well, and I can't wait to see the two be on the show for Season 3.

I loved seeing Katie Cassidy back as laurel in the episode, I was expecting her to be brought back to life from the spare because she is now a series regular on Arrow, but she will most likely be Black Siren on that show.

Matt Letscher was awesome as the Reverse Flash, is isn't permanent that he is off the show, he will come back in season 3, members hopefully, as the legends need to rebuild time.I liked the members of the legion of doom, hopefully, they will come back, as an expanded team in season 3.
But Arthur Darvill is leaving the show for season 3, it is sad to see him go, but the show did work very well without him.He will probably return later on in the season, I hope he shows up for the crossover.

Overall the season 2 finale of legends was a great one, I liked the cliffhanger, and I can't wait for season 3 to come around.I will speculate what season 3 might deal with later.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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