Chapter 9:

Hey everyone, Riverdale is back again, there were quite a few story lines flowing through the episode so I will go through them, so spoilers ahead for the episode, and let's recap.

In the episode, Cheryl invites Archie to a Blossom extended family event to kick off the start of the Mapel season.Archie denies, but then Mrs. Blossoms bribes Archie with summer music lessons with a Blossom family member who runs a music class.Archie talks to Val and she allows Archie to go.Archie accepts the Blossoms offer and goes to the event.Betty tells Archie to talk to Polly at the event and to tell her to call her as she has been ignoring them.Cheryl and Archie are the first to gather some Mapel from a tree.Archie talks to Polly who tells him to back off and it is none of Betty's business.

Later that night Archie tells Betty and her mother, Alice.Betty and Alice go to the newspaper company that Hal owns to post a story on the Blossoms.Hal tells them that he changed the system on their XP computer to not allow Alice access.Alice and Betty leave the building, but Alice grabs a rock and screams "I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK!" and she throws the rock at the window and leaves.

Back with Archie, he is getting a suit tailor-made from the Blossoms, he asks Mr. Blossom for him not to get the music classes, however for his dad, Fred, to have his crew back for the drive in construction.Mr. Blossomaccepts and tells Archie that Jason would have never done something like that, give up a desire for his old man.

Archie talks to Valery and he shows her a guitar Cheryl gave him, he tells Val that he has to go escort Chyrl to her family dinner, Val is upset as Archie is being bought out by the Blossoms.
At the Blossoms dinner party, Archie sits next to Cheryl and Polly asks Archie for a dance, while they are dancing she tells him that she choose to stay with the Blossoms as she believes they had something to do with Jason's death, so she is staying with them to investigate.

Archie sees Cheryl getting told off by her father, Archie goes to talk to her outside and she tells him that her parents don't want her to take over the maple business from Jason who would have had it.Cheryl kisses Archie and Archie walks off in a fright.

Archie overhears Mr. and Mrs. Blossom discussing Hyrum.
Archie tells Betty and Jughead about Polly's plan and they tell Alice.The next morning Archie talks to Valerie walking to school, she breaks up with him because he was brought out by the Blossoms.

The other storyline in the episode dealt with Barb and Veronica.After finding out Barb has some troubles Veronica invites Barb, Kevin, and Betty over for dinner.Barb introduces herself to Hermione, and Hermione freaks out, she talks to Veronica and she tells her that barb's father went into business with Hyrum, Veronica's father, and he is up to sketchy stuff.In the episode Hermione tells Fred that she along with Hyrum are the buyers of the drive land, she also reveals to Fred that Hyrum sent over the guys who bet up Moose last week.Fred tells Hermione that he will not pull out of the construction, however, the relationship they had must end.
Later in the episode, Veronica finds out the Barb's dad tried to commit suicide, he's in the hospital.Veronica and Betty go there with some flowers, Veronica tells Barb and her mother that her father is Hyrum, they get upset and Veronica leaves.
The next day at school Barb forgives Veronica knowing that it was her father, Hyrum that put her own father in the hospital, not Veronica.

 Archie tells Betty and Veronica what he heard Mr and mrMrslossom talking about.Jughead thinks that if the Blossoms put Hyrum in prison, he would try to take away the thing that meant most to the Blossoms, the golden child, Jason.

The episode ends with Cheryl at home and she has a photo of the maple event that happened, she crosses out Archie's head, and Polly checks on Cheryl and leaves and Cheryl immediately crosses out Polly's face from the photo.

My favorite scene in the episode was when Alice goes ape sh*t crazy and throws a brick at Hal.This is showing her capabilities, she could have knocked out Hal with that brick.But I have a feeling that she could have murdered Jason, but there is so much other evidence out.

I have a theory, what if Hyrum had a business partner who was Ms. Grundy's Ex husband, and he is the one that murdered Jason, not of him being a Blossom, and Hyrum told him to kill him, but he mistook Archie for Jason and he saw Ms. Grundy getting it on with Archie.This is a twist on the theory Reddit user BeauHawkins.

I really liked Camila Mendes as Veronica, and how she felt the responsibility of taking accountability of her father's actions in the episode which was Barb's parents financial stiuation getting out of hand,m thanks for Hyrum, which lead to the father attmepting Suicide. I can't wait to see how the realtionship between Veronica and her mother develop over the show with the events Hyrum might create.

Overall, this episode of Riverdale was an interesting one, we got some more evidence with the murderer and we know why Polly made her decisions of living with the Blossoms.This episode kind of drew a thicker line between the good and bad in Riverdale.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Commetn below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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