Chapter 11:

Hey, everyone, Riverdale is on and it's Homecoming time. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode, Archie's mother, Mary is back in Riverdale to sign the divorce papers. Archie asks his mother if she could come to the Riverdale flash from the past, homecoming, to see Archie perform with Veronica, she agrees to come.

After seeing how well he has improved, Jughead is thinking about moving in with his father, FP. The two are invited to a dinner at the Coopers house before the homecoming.

Not trusting FP, Alice set up the dinner so  Veronica could look through FP's house. Veronica asks Archie to tag along and he agrees to, but with their relationship, Veronica wants to pretend it never happened.

At the Blossoms house, Polly finds out that Mr. Blossom actually has gray hair and that he wears red hair wigs. Cheryl tells Betty that she is going to go to the homecoming with Polly. Cheryl and Polly go looking through Mrs. Blossoms closest to look for jewelry to wear.Polly finds the ring that Jason proposed to her with. Cheryl takes the ring and tells her parents. Mrs. Blossom gives Polly a milkshake which put her asleep. Cheryl tells her parents she flushed the ring in the toilet, which her parents approve of. But plot twist, Cheryl kept the ring.

At the Coopers house, Alice makes Dinner and FP and Jughead have dinner with Alice and Betty. Alice semi interrogates FP on the murder of Jason and the whole table gets into a feud with Betty's father, Hal coming home. Hal mentions that he had been sleeping in his office but it has been kind of cold with Alice doing 'renovations' and FP nearly brings up that Alice was about to have an abortion.
After one of the most awkward dinners, Everyone decides to leave for the homecoming, except Hal who doesn't come.

Veronica and Archie look through FP's house, more like a trailer. The two look through the draws and don't find anything. Veronica is desperate to find something to see if her father, Hyrum put FP up to murder. Veronica wants to know if her father is innocent or guilty, of murder, he's already in prison for some financial stuff.Veronica gets a text from Alice saying FP is on his way home, so Archie and Veronica leave.

Jughead escorts Betty out of the car which FP dropped them in. Jughead talks to his father a bit and tells him that he is going to move back in, FP tells Jughead that he will do one better and the whole Jones family can live together, out of Riverdale. Jughead questions why, and FP tells Jughead it's too dangerous, and there are too many rude people like Alice.Jughead goes with Betty inside to Homecoming. Betty talks to Cheryl and asks where Polly was, Cheryl says that Polly decided not to go as she fell into a sugar sleep.

Fred, Hermione, and Mary get to the homecoming and Alice tries to make a stir between Archie and Veronica come to the Homecoming and they talk to Alice. Betty sees this from a distance and talks to them about what they were talking to Alice about. Archie and Veronica quickly go up on stage and perform their duet of 'We're the kids of America'.

With the song still playing we cut to a shot of police cars pulling up outside FP's house and we see Sheriff Keller come in FP's house and they find a gun in the closet.
After the performance, Betty talks to Archie and Veronica about what they were doing, they revealed to Betty that they were told by Betty's mother, Alice to investigate FP. Jughead walks on them and Archie tells him, and he gets upset, as he told his friends that he believed his father was innocent, and they didn't take his word.
Kevin comes running into the room with all the parents and he tells Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead that FP was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.Jughead runs off upset knowing his father was a murderer and that he lied to him.

Betty asks her mother if she called out FP, she said she didn't but she's glad that Betty is not with Jughead. Betty walls put to go find Jughead. Betty ends up at Pops and she asks Pops if he had seen Jughead, he says no, but your not the only one looking, Archie and Veronica walk up behind Betty and they tell her that when they were investigating FP's house they didn't see the gun, someone planted.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end, FP gets arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. That was a huge reveal, and to top it all off, we realize that this goes deeper and FP was set up by someone else, and the way this was revealed was that Archie and Veronica searched the exact drawn where the gun was and there was no gun before, so someone in the homecoming managed to set up FP.

Speculation Time (Potential spoilers)
so these are the clues we have as to who set up FP
This person:

  • Was not at the homecoming
  • Knew FP was out of his house - to plant evidence, and to call the police

This brings me to the only person who fits both of these Categories, Hal Cooper, Betty's father. Hal was not at the homecoming, and when he came home for dinner and saw FP at his house, he knew FP was not at his own home. When Veronica and Archie were at FP's house investigating, we hear a car outside, it is not paid attention to, but it could be Hal. We also know Hal stole the investigation board from Sheriff Keller, and he has displayed an endless amount for hate towards the Blossoms, and it seems like nothing would stop him from killing a Blossom, especially one who impregnated his daughter (or is she really his daughter?), which is in parallel with with what seems to of happened with him and Alice, having kids early.
There is a lot of evidence which points to Hal being the murderer.

But aside to from us possibly of cracking the case, Skeet Ulrich was awesome as FP, I am excited to see how he is going to be proven innocent. I enjoyed Cole Sprouse in the episode as Jughead. I loved his reaction to his father being arrested, it took the character to a vulnerable point where he can't even trust his own father, I can't wait to see how this will play out into the last two episodes of the season, and season 2.

I liked Camila Mendes as Veronica in the episode, her arc in the series has been interesting, and it has progressed a lot in the past couple episodes figuring out her parent's true nature, and how she is determined to see if her father, Hyrum is a good person or not.At the begging of the season it seemed like Veronica would be one of the last people to figure out the murder mystery, but now she is probably going to be one of the first people to discover who it is.

Overall, this episode of Riverdale was a great one, there was great development in the story which can lead to interesting character development into the future.This episode was enjoyable and it revealed a lot of clues as to who the murderer of Jason Blossom is. I will give to Riverdale and back again a 9 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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