Marvel has announced that there is a new Warriors comedic, live action tv show being worked on by ABC and will be coming to freeform.The show will focus on Squirrel Girl, the episodes will be 30 minutes long each, with an expected release date of 2018.
This announcement came out of nowhere.But there was a synopsis revealed so let's take a look.

“Marvel’s New Warriors” is about six young people with powers living and working together.  With powers and abilities on the opposite end of the spectrum of The Avengers, the New Warriors want to make a difference in the world… Even if the world isn’t ready.  Not quite super, not yet heroes, “Marvel’s New Warriors” is about that time in your life when you first enter adulthood and feel like you can do everything and nothing at once — except in this world, bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates."

This is interesting, Marvel tv is moving very fast, freeform already has Cloak and Dagger the tv series coming out, the pilot has finished filming and I believe has been screened to some people.The first season of the Cloak and Dagger will have 10 episodes.And I am glad that it is not a long 22 episode run because I just like getting some tv shows over and down with.I would expect the same number of episodes per season for the New Warriors.

Having Squirrel Girl in the MCU will be awesome, she is a fangirl of the Avengers, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to events happening in the MCU which the show will probably reference.I don't know a whole lot on Squirrel Girl, but she is apparently one of the most kick ass characters in the comics, she took down Dr. Doom is a single hit.So she isn't on the power level as Thor and Hulk, but she is powerful.
Since this is a comedy, is this the comedy show replacement for the other show Marvel was going to make on damage control, but it seems like New Warriors is taking its place.The only worry I have for Marvel tv is that, is this New Warriors show going to compete with the Runaways tv show coming to Hulu?
Because both shows will center around a young cast of un-experience, enhanced individuals, so they seem very similar.But it will depend on when they come out I suppose.

Last year a lot of people wanted Anna Kendrick to play a Squirrel Girl in the films, but I am afraid she probably won't play the character on tv.Which I suppose is the only downfall, but at least we get to see Squirrel Girl more often on tv.

Anyway, comment below your thoughts on the new New Warriors tv show coming to Freeform in 2018, and how excited are you for Squirrel Girl in the MCU, comment down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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