The trailer for the last Jedi is finally here, we get a good look at a lot of stuff happening, so let's just break down the trailer.

The first shot of the trailer opens up as to what seems like a black screen but it fades into Rey crawling on a rock. This might be training Luke is putting Rey through.Like Luke being trained by Yoda.

Shots of the island where Luke and Rey are. We hear Mark Hamill telling Daisy Ridley to breath. We see a shot of Rey using the force by leveling some rocks.We hear Rey saying that she sees like light

Cut to a shot of Carrie Fisher as Leia in the new resistance base, she appears to be studying a map of where Luke is.

We hear Rey says "I see darkness" and we see a glimpse of a broken helmet

We see a shot of a library built into a tree, and we see a hand touch a book with the Jedi symbol on it.This library is most like likely Luke's who has been studying ancient Jedi techniques.But Rey is the one who is touching the book.

A shot of Rey training on a mountain with the saber.The closest figure to her is a rock, Luke Skywalker is seen on the right side of this shot.

We have these resistance ships which are producing red gas on an arctic planet. These movies get be ships that the resistance has to steal, and this is where Finn and Poe's journey is in the film.

John Boyega as Finn is in a tank recovering from his injuries from the force awakens.

Oscar Issac as Poe and bb-8 are running through the resistance base and it is under attack, within Poe's x-wing bring a casualty.

The falcon flying through the sky escaping some tie fighters.

Rey ignites her lightsaber and runs towards a threat. This could be Kylo Ren showing up to the island to end Luke and Rey.So Rey eagerly goes to fight him, however, she might get her ass handed to her.

Luke Skywalker is saying that there is only one thing he knows. We have Kylo Ren pointing his lightsaber, however, the location he is in is unclear, possibly a new first order base. The lighting in the shot doesn't make it clear if Adam Driver needed any makeup for major scars, be he does mantain a faint one.

Luke and R2-D2 are looking at the destruction of a building. My guess is that this is a flashback to Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren destroying the new Jedi order Luke tried to build, Luke and R2 are witnessing the destruction and this causes Luke the runaway.

This is cut to make it seem like Captain Phasma and other Troopers are walking through a burning building. As you can see they are inside not the upside like the last shot. But it seems like something attacked the first order, which may connect this shot to the one of Kylo Ren.

This is a hide dogfight in space, the rebels are probably trying to escape the first order who trapped them Ina blockade.

We hear Luke Skywalker say "end of the Jedi." we see a shot of Luke Skywalker in a doorway this may be him checking on Rey who is looking at the books.

Overall this trailer was great, it was what I expected from the last Jedi trailer and it was great to see everyone.The characters look awesome with the new costumes, Daisy Ridley has her same costume, same for Oscar Issac, but John Boyega has a new shirt, and it seems like Carrie Fisher got a new Leia costume. It was great to hear Mark Hamill speak in the trailer and it seems like he will be giving Daisy. At the panel, we learned that Kelly Marine Tran is playing a new character, a resistance mechanic named Rose, who gets caught up with Finn and Poe in their adventure.
Rian Johnson seems like he has done a great job with the film. Ther was also this really neat poster released.
Comment below your thoughts on the trailer, and how excited are you for the last Jedi.As always thanks for reading, and may the force be with you ... always.

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