The trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is out, there are a couple new things, we learned a couple things about Rex and we also learned that this is the final season of Star Wars Rebels. So let's break down this trailer.

The trailer starts off with Hera discussing the ghost crew, a boy who was lost, a broken girl, a survivor, a veteran, a fallen knight. Hera concludes the list saying that she lead them into a battle against a terrible evil. While shots of season 3 play we here Hera say "we fight for those who can not."  then Hera says "But we never imagined it would end like this."

We cut to a shot of Ezra on a wolf. The person in front of him is unclear, it looks like Sabine's mother, but a part of me feels like it could be Sabine using her mother's armor, as maybe she gave it to her, or maybe her mother passed away and Sabine is wearing her armor in her honor.

The ghost in a mountain cliff area where they are being chased down by the three winged tie fighter, the TIE/LN.

The ghost lands on Yavin IV. The crew may be the first rebels to set up the base, which would be awesome. I would guess by the end of the season the base is exactly like it is in a new hope and rogue one.

It seems like Hera and Kanan are going to develop a relationship. This would be great, it would show how Kanan can move on from what the prequel era Jedi Order taught him, and how there are new ways he and Ezra can be Jedi.

Sabine is leading Ezra and other Mandalorian's into battle with the dark saber. Ezra has a new helmet. looks like a scout trooper helmet with a new paint design.

Saw Gerrera is back on the show. Who knows what story will lead him to the rebels, but we know that this season is about a year out from Rogue One.

After a series of action shots, we see Hera jump the ghost into hyperspace through another ship. The animation looks insane on this.

Kallus/ Fulcrum is on Yavin 4 with the rebels. I am excited to see where he stands on the team, and how far the empire is going to go to capture him for his betrayal.

Kanan is making peace with this wolf. Who knows if it has any special force connections.

Ezra walks into an imperial facility to find a Mandalorian and Empire war

Thrawn is back in the season. He is not going to be the main villain, the main villain is Cade Bane and Boba Fett. Thrawn will most likely be the side villain.

We have X-wings! this is so awesome to see x-wings in Star Wars Rebels.We see Hera pilot one leading her squadron. She probably won't keep the -wing the whole season, she has the ghost ship to pilot, but it is still awesome.

This red hair Mandalorian is wielding the dark saber. She seems to have taken it from Sabine, leading the Mandalorians. Sabine looks like she made a mistake of not keeping the dark saber.

The final shot of the trailer is Hera saying "may the force be with you."

This trailer was great. It didn't reveal a whole lot which is a good thing. I am excited for season 4 of rebels which is coming out this fall. I am also kind of sad knowing this is the final season.
The news of Rex was that there was this image released.Showing Rex in a rebel costume, the ones used by the rebels in the battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi.

This reveals that the theory that Rex is was in the battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi is true. This is awesome, I like how the continuity is tied together.
There are going to be some animated Star Wars shorts focusing on charter throughout the galaxy, like Rey, Ahsoka Tano, and Jyn Erso, and Princess Leia.

The shorts are titles Force of Destiny, and they are going to be around 2-3 minutes long. The actors of the heroes are going to voice the animation like Daisy Ridley is going to voice Rey, and Felicity Joes are going to voice Jyn.These look like fun shorts which I am excited to check out.
I would like to hear your thoughts on any of the Star Wars animation news, so comment below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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