Season 2 Episode 18:

After a month long wait, Supergirl is back and Flash and Arrow are returning later this week. I nearly forgot about the show's existence, but I watched the episode, so let's recap.

In the episode, we find National City is safe and Kara has no work to do as Supergirl. Lena Luthor invites Kara to a press conference held by her ex-boyfriend, Jack Spheer. The two go and find out that he has developed an army of nanobots which are for medical use. Also at the conference is Kara's old boss, Snapper.

After the conference Kara is approached by a man asking to speak to her. Lena catches up with Jack and he apologizes to her for leaving her, but the conversation is cut short by the assistant. Later that night she meets up with the guy in his car and he tells her that the files on the human test subjects of the nano-bots are gone, and he suspects that they are not ready to be released for sale. We find the nano-bots come into the car and blow it up, killing the guy and leaving Kara in shock.

Later on, Kara finds Snapper talking to a man in an apartment interviewing him on the nanobots. The nanobots flood into the apartment and kill the guy that was being interviewed. Supergirl comes in a freeze breathes the nanobots and Kara rescues Snapper.

Kara gets back to her apartment and Mon tells her that Lena called to ask for help on her date with Jack. Kara and Mon walk into the restaurant where it is going down. After an awkward conversation, Mon manages to grab Jack's ID and Kara and Mon walk away. Kara and Mon go to Jack's building and go through his computer and they find that he was the only human test subject and he is made up of the nanobots.Kara gets the video on her thumb drive and the two get out of the building.

The next day Kara shows Lena the video and she is in shock.Later that night Lena goes to a warehouse to confront Jack.After asking him what he is doing he freezes. Jack's assistant comes out and reveals that she has control of the nanobots and therefore is in control of Jack.Kara flies in as Supergirl and the nanobots chase her, Lena has a fight with the assistant and knocks her down. Kara is pinned up against the wall and the nanobots are slowly crawling up her. Lena gets on the computer and is about to power them down. The assistant tells Lena if the nanobots die Jack dies with them, Jack tells Lena to do and she does. The nanobots power off freeing Kara but killing Jack.

Also happening in the episode was about Lyra teaming up with James as the Guardian. But Lyra goes a little crazy, she has so relationship problems with Winn, but eventually, everything ends up well and Lyra is going to continue to team up with Guardian.

Also by the end of the episode Kara manages to get her old job back as a reporter worker for Snapper at Kat-Co.The episode ends with Rhea walking into Lena's office offering her a business proposition.

The ending of the episode kind of ties the villains of the season together. Becuase the main villains have been Cadmus, owned by Lilli Luthor, and Mon's mother, Rhea. I don't know what scheme Rhea and Lena are going to get into but it seems interesting. I am interested to see how the relationship between Kara and Lena will play into the season finale, if at all. The two actors, Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath work on screen well together.

Overall the episode was a solid, it may not have been the strongest episode to come bak after a month's break, next week's episode looks more interesting, but it was alright. The side storyline with Lyra was kind of just there, I am kind of getting sick of everyone's relationships on Supergirl always be on or off, constantly and it feels repetitive. I will give Ace Reporter a 7 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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