Season 3 Episode 19:

Hey, everyone, the Flash is back after a month-long break, but the episode tonight was great, we see many things play out in the episode, so spoilers ahead for The Flash 319. So let's recap.

The episode picks up straight from last week with Cisco, Julian, and HR being chased around Star Labs by Killer Frost. After figuring out what year to travel into the future to, and making a promise to Iris to be there for Joe if Iris dies, Barry gets called by Cisco and he runs to Star Labs and tries to reason with Killer Frost, she tells him Caitlin is no more and freezes him in a room and she escapes.

The team has an argument of Caitlin turning into Killer Frost, Julian, HR, and Cisco leave the room. Barry tells Iris, Joe, and Wally that he is going to travel to the future, 2024 (from the future newspaper), to find out Savitar's identity.Wally and barry go to the pipeline to gain enough speed for Barry to travel to 2024.After a couple laps, Wally throws Barry into a wormhole and Barry ends up in an alleyway. A newspaper flies past him and the date reads  February 3rd, 2024. Topp and Mirror Master approach Barry.

Topp asks him if it is thrown back Thursday, with the suit, and Mirror Master says that it is a surprise that the Flash is still around and that he owns Central City. After being beaten up by the pair of criminals, Barry manages to escape and he runs to his apartment. At his apartment, everything is a mess, he finds broken photos, then future Cisco walks in. The two hug and Barry ask how he found out he was here, Cisco tells him he had a feeling, and he checked the security cameras and saw Barry fighting Topp and Mirror Master. Barry asks Cisco where future Barry is.

We cut to Star Labs and find future Cisco and Barry walking through.Barry goes to see his future self, he finds he has emo hair and future Barry tells Barry to go home and spend time with Iris, as there is no saving her. Barry asks his future self who Savitar is so he can stop him before he even tries. Future Barry tells Barry that he does not know who Savitar is.Future Barry tells Barry that they eventually do trap Savitar in the speed force, but by then he already won.

Barry leaves and he meets back up with Cisco in the pipeline, Barry says by to Cisco and Barry runs through the pipeline and he runs as fast as he can but he can not make a portal.He goes back and asks Cisco what to do, he tells him that they will find a way to get Barry back, but the good thing is that he can travel back the exact time he left. Barry sits down and thinks that Topp and Mirror Master tampered with his powers, Cisco says to Barry "everything has changed, except you" Cisco suggest to Barry that he can bring team Flash, back together. Barry asks Cisco why is he wearing gloves, Cisco reveals that he has robotic hands, and in the vibe fight with Killer Frost, Cisco lost his hands as they were turned into ice and shattered.

Barry and Cisco find Julian, Barry asks if he can see her. Julian takes Barry and Cisco to a cell, holding Killer Frost. Killer Frost tells barry that she worked with Savitar and she knows his identity, which Barry will be surprised we he finds out.Barry and Cisco leave and go visit Wally, he has a caregiver as Wally is in a wheelchair. Future Wally is mostly unresponsive.

Cisco tells Barry that after Iris was murdered by Savitar, he filled up with rage, one night Wally went after Savitar alone and his back was broken, and he was shaken up. Barry feels a lot of guilt of something that hasn't occurred yet for him.Barry asks Cisco where Joe is and he tells Barry that he will be at the cemetery.
Barry walks up behind future Joe who is replacing flowers at Iris's grave, future Joe says to Barry "after all this time you decided to show up." Barry apologizes and he leaves.

Back at Star labs Barry finds his future-self looking at images of him and Iris, future Barry blames his past self for not doing enough, and that there is nothing he could have done, even after defeating Savitar, it didn't feel like a win as Savitar already won.

barry talks to future Cisco and tells him that he needs to get back to 2017, Cisco tells him that he used a device to stop Barry from time traveling. Cisco turns it off. Barry gets to the pipeline and he is about to run, but he decides not to. He tells Cisco that he is not going to go back to 2017 just yet, not leaving his future team still in misery.

Barry runs across Central City picking up his friends, he picks HR up from a book tour, Julian, and Joe, he tells them that they are going to go stop Topp and Mirror Master. Joe realizes that is was Barry from the past talking to him in the cemetery and he apologizes.

Barry finds Topp and Mirror Master robbing a jewelry store. Barry quickly gets taken down with some great special effects, but future Barry suits up and uses the device Cisco had earlier (the one which prevented time travel) the stop Topps's powers. The two Flash's team up and take down the pair of criminals.

Back at Star Labs, the team is watching a news report on the two Flash take down and team Flash is officially back on. Future Joe and Future Barry apologize to each other, and HR goes with the team to shout them coffee at his own Jitters.

The two Barry's talk to each other, future Barry tells past Barry that they defeated Savitar with the help of Tracy Brand, but the technology wasn't developed until 4 years ago (2020), future Barry gives his past self a disc on information used on the device used to stop Savitar, and the only person who will have any clue about what is on there is Tracy Brand as she helped team Flash stop Savitar.
The two Barry's shake hands and past Barry runs back to 2017 like he didn't even leave. Barry talks to Joe and tells him that he will be with him and Barry tells Iris he will keep her promise.

The episode ends with Killer Frost in a forest. She is approached by Savitar who asks her to work with him. She says "why should I trust you?". Savitar opens up his armor, we see the back of a person rise from the suit and we cut to Killer Frost saying to him " what do you need me to do."

By far my favorite scene in the episode was the ending on who Savitar is. There are theories suggesting that Ronnie is Savitar, this would make sense as to why Caitlin would obey this person, but I felt like she didn't obey this person because she was previously in love with them, I got the vibe (no pun intended) that she has fear. There are a couple people which could scare Caitlin, but who knows about Killer Frost. I was kind of thinking about Harry (Earth-2 Harrison Wells), as Savitar said he had plans for Jesse, and maybe in season 2, he developed his sickness from helping team Flash and now he is playing Savitar to get back at the team. Comment below on any theories you have on Savitar.

In the episode, I enjoyed seeing all the future versions of the characters. It is insane to see where everyone landed up, especially Wally, this felt more like darkest timeline flashpoint than flashpoint.
Carlos Valdes was great as Cisco. He did feel a little too optimistic in comparison to all the other future versions of the characters, but it was interesting to see what happen, and it was sad seeing what helped to his hands.
I enjoyed Grant Gustin as Barry in the episode, seeing his optimism in the episode in contrast with his future-self was great, and I just love that future suit.

Overall this episode of the Flash was a great way to make a return. This was one of my favorite episodes in the season, it is interesting to know that Barry didn't go to the future newspaper date on April 25, 2024. But I enjoyed the episode, the tone of it and the way the future characters were portrayed. I will give this episode a 9 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts or opinions on the episode, and any Savitar theories you may have, I would like to hear your thoughts. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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