This is crazy, the Thor Ragnarok trailer is out, I believe this came out of nowhere.But it is an awesome trailer, so much crazy stuff in it, so let's break it down.

The fist shot of the trailer is of Thor chained up above a volcanic area.Hela seems to have tied him up and we have narration from Chris Hemsworth "Your probably wondering how I got here, well it's a long story."

Hela manages to catch Thor's hammer and destroy it! This seems to happen on Earth in an alleyway.My guess is that Thor went to go visit Doctor Strange to get Odin but now he got caught up with Hela. But with the Hammer breaking Thor must need to get a new weapon, the ultimate universe ax which we saw him wielding in the Infinity War concept art.

Such an awesome look for the marvel studios logo

Hela rocks up to Asgard and is greeted by hundreds of guards.This is matching the concept art we saw earlier, the only different thing is that in the film she isn't wearing her helmet.Here she says "Asgard is dead." and then the Ragnarok starts to happen, fire sweeps the land.

Thor seems to have been captured and sent to this Sakaar planet by Hela.Here Thor tries to befriend but he seems to get himself captured.Strapped to a chair for a haircut, and Valkyrie ,who is working for the Grand Master, is bringing Thor to be a contestant in the ring.

Awesome font with a great color scheme

Heimdall, without his armor, is fighting what seems to be one of Hela's henchmen in a forest.

Skurge is on a ship shooting down at some stuff

There seems to be an attack on Sakaar with all these guys firing off at someone or something.I have no idea what, it could be a riot Thor started.

Now Hela has her Helmet and she is wrecking up Asgard.This is where she will most likely introduce Ragnarok, the ending of Asgard.

Loki with a brand new polished helmet is in Asgard going to fight, well I don't really know who, there are some other alien as beside him and are they working for or against Hela? but the shot looks cool.

Thor is put in the gladiator arena with his helmet and a series of new weapons which include a shield and a pair of swords.

Your Incredible Hulk, so here we the Hulk, he seems to be a fan favorite in the arena, but we see a good look at his armor which is bad ass. He has a helmet, a shoulder pad, and a huge hammer.

I just love Thor's reaction "I know him, we work together." that was so awesome, But Hulk doesn't seem to recognize Thor, I am not sure I'm if Hulk recognizes Thor or if on Sakaar there is only the Hulk and no Bruce Banner.

Thor and Banner starts to fight in the arena by running up to each other


This trailer is insane, the tone is so different from the previous Thor films, we have an awesome color scheme, music in the trailer, the costumes look awesome, the settings are so if ferns from the previous Thir films.We get a fair look at the simple story of the film, but I am excited about this film.There was also this poster released for Thor Ragnarok, it looks awesome.

Comment below your thoughts and or options on the trailer down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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