Season 4 Episode 20:

On this episode of Agents of SHIELD, we see a bunch of stuff goes down, with Adia's plan, and our heroes in the framework. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

We start off following Yo-yo and the three SHIELD agents on the quinjet, with Daisy and Simmons in the framework. The SHIELD crew on the quinjet are running low on power as it has been 10 days since Daisy and Simmons entered the framework. They decide to turn off the cloaking, they soon realize that there is enemy fire incoming on their position, from Ivanov.

In the framework, Daisy reunites with Trip, but he doesn't know who she is, but he doesn't mind. Daisy, Simmons, and Coulson discuss getting out of the framework, and Daisy tells hem about the backdoor of getting out of the framework. Simmons tells Daisy about Aida's plan, she is making a body for herself in the real world, therefore she does not have to obey her coding of keeping the SHIELD team safe, and she can shut down the framework, killing our heroes in the framework. Coulson tells May, who doesn't believe the whole simulation world deal.

With Radcliff, Fitz offers him life on the outside world, he promises Radcliff for a body to be made for him. Back with Simmons, she is discussing with Trip, Fitz, he asks her what Fitz, the father, or the son. Simmons realizes that Aida change a regret for everyone in the framework, and FItz's was his father being around. Simmons sets off to go find the father, and she holds him up in his house, she warns him about Aida. Fitz's father is told be Simmons to call his son. Papa Fitz calls his son and tells him that he loves him, she then screams on the phone that one of the SHIELD fugitives his holding him up with a gun. Pap Fitz tackles Simmons, who has no choice but the shot him, and she does, killing him.
Fitz rushes to his father's house and he freaks out to find his father killed. Fitz shows Radcliff, and he threatens him and asks him where Simmons is, he tells Fitz the location of the Framework.

Back at the resistance base, Daisy gathers Simmons. Coulson, May, and Mack to go to the backdoor. But no one tells Mack what is going on. Trip drops the team off, Daisy says bye to Trip. The team goes through a factory and they find that the back door is covered up by a pool of lava. Daisy manages to open it up with her powers and they find a wormhole. Fitz shows up and he shoots Coulson, May helps him get through the wormhole.

We see the world go to this graphic texture for a second which everyone sees. Fitz holds up Simmons with a gun and gets her to admit she murdered his father. Radcliff comes and knocks out Fitz, he apologizes to Simmons and Simmons, with Fitz go through the wormhole. Daisy has the wormhole open and Mack asks her "what happens to Hope [Mack's daughter] ?"  Daisy tells him that she isn't in the real world, Mack doesn't leave the framework as Hope isn't going to be with him. Daisy goes through the wormhole.

In the real world, we see Simmons and Daisy wake up, Yo-yo asks them if they managed to get Mack back, Daisy tells her no, and they are suffering heavy fire from Ivanov. Meanwhile, Coulson, May, and Fitz wake up and Fitz is feeling bad for what he did in the framework, Coulson tells him that it wasn't him. Aida walks into the room with her organic body, she grabs Fitz who said still has affection for Aida. Aida, holding Fitz,  and she teleports away.

The final scene in the episode is of Mack coming back to the resistance base in the framework where he hugs Hope (who was sitting next to Trip) and Hope asks where Daisy is and he tells her I don't know.

My favorite scene in the episode was the ending where Aida has and organic body, but she has powers, and it seems to have transported her and Fitz back into the framework, but she took Fitz's whole body. I am interested to see what Aida actually did, and what she will use her organic body for.

In the episode, I enjoyed Iain De Caestecker as Fitz. It was interesting to see him inside the framework and how he reacted to his actions when he got out. I am excited to see what Aida did to the character. Henry Simmons was great as Mack in the episode, I enjoyed his final decision to stay with his daughter in the framework as she was not alive in the real world. It is sad because Mack may not make it out of the framework, and it is sad knowing that when Aida shuts down the framework, he will have to experience the end of the world. But hopefully, he will get out.

Overall, this episode of Agents of SHIELD was a really interesting episode, most of our main characters are safe, Fitz was teleported with Aida who knows where, and I hope Mack gets out. I want Henry Simmons to stay on the show. But this episode was good, I am excited for the rest of the season, I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode, I would like to know. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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