Season 4 Episode 21:

Okay everyone, Agents of SHIELD is on the last two episodes of the season, so spoilers ahead for the latest episode, let's recap.

The episode starts off from last week with Aida teleporting Fitz away. Ivanov comes in and Coulson and May fight him, slicing off his robot face.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Simmons wake up, they are under attack by a jet. Simmons directs Yoyo to get power. The team fights off the jet.Yoyo asks Daisy why Mack didn't wake up, Daisy tells her that Mack doesn't want to leave as his daughter is alive with him in the framework.Yoyo is determined to save Mack and wants to go into the framework. Daisy asks why they hadn't landed, the reason is that Talbot thinks that SHIELD is made up of robots.

Meanwhile, Aida teleported Fitz to a beach. Fitz freaks out and he blamed Aida for making him do horrible things in the framework. Aida tells him that she had to do what Radcliff programmed Aida to do, fix one regret in all their life's, but Aida fixed two regrets in Fitz's life, his father being around and the second one is Fitz meeting Aida early on. The two get to a house and Fitz is still freaking out and wants to go to save his friends.

Back to May and Coulson, they fight off more Ivanov androids, and then a submarine leaves. Ivanov on the submarine fires torpedoes at the oil rig where Coulson, May, and sleeping Mack are. The place starts to flood, and Coulson and May get to the top where they are rescued by Daisy and Yoyo. Yoyo wants to go find Mack, but Coulson stops her. On the quinjet, Aida teleports Fitz and sleeping Mack, and Simmons shoots both Aida and Fitz with the icer guns.

The SHIELD team gets back to their blown up base, they search it. They put Aida and Fitz in one of the containment rooms, which was held to keep Gordon, the teleporting Inhuman so Aida can be stopped of her powers. Fitz wakes up and finds Aida, who is feeling a lot of emotions, and Fitz is still freaking out about what he did, and if she could ever love him again. Simmons watches this on the security camera footage and tears up.Fitz talks about he is no better than Ward, as they both blindly followed a father figure who turned their back on them, and they turned their back on their friends. Aida comforts Fitz, who says "how could Jemma (Simmons) ever love me again?" Aida freaks out and rages as she thought Fitz loved her, and she says that she sacrificed everything to feel, pain, from a broken heart. Fitz manages to escape the room, with help from agents. Aida also manages to escape with the use of lasers. Fitz tells everyone that Aida can not be stopped.

Talbot and a squadron of soldiers show up and confront Coulson and the others on the landed quinjet. Talbot thinks they are robots, and Coulson explains what happens in 50 words or less. Talbot tells his men to go out. Aida starts killing them, and Coulson tells them that they all need to leave. Aida goes on a killing spree through the base and eventually teleports out of the base. Talbot stays in the base to search, and Coulson, Daisy, May, Simmons, Fitz, and other SHIELD agents leave in the quinjet. Dasiy realizes that Yoyo is missing, and we see that Yoyo plugged herself into the framework.
We see Yoyo is the framework, and she is strapped into a medical bed, in a destroyed facility, which is on fire.

Aida teleported to the submarine with Ivanov, she murder's on of his robot's for fun, and she wants to make the SHIELD team suffer as she has now felt the pain of a broken heart.

The last scene in the episode is of Talbot and his soldiers leaving the base. The dark dimension orange portal thing opens up and Ghost Rider comes out.

The best scene in this episode was the ending with Ghost Rider returning after Aida has gone haywire. It is so great having Ghost Rider coming back, last time we saw him, he took his corrupt on power uncle to another dimension, probably hell. So Ghost Rider has missed out on the whole LMD and framework part of the season, which he is coming back to end and to end the dark hold.

In the episode, I liked Mallory Jansen as Aida, it was in testing to see how she experienced all these emotions for the first time, she had the positive emotions, but when a negative emotion hit her, she went crazy, with the heartbreak of Fitz not loving her, she couldn't comprehend the negative emotions for the first time, so she is killing.

Overall, this episode of Agents of SHIELD was a great one, the tag at the end fitted the episode with the return of Ghost Rider, but more importantly the return of the team into the real world. I am wondering what will happen with the Mack and Yoyo in the framework story, I really like both characters, but I don't know how they are going to save them. I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below. Next week is the season finale, so get hyped for that. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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