Season 4 Episode 22:

The season 4 finale for Agents of SHIELD was a great episode, so let's talk about what happened, and a theory of the ending. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider is back from taking his uncle to hell. He takes his car and tracks down the dark hold book which is in Aida's possession. After taking down her robots Ghost Rider fights Aida and he manages to injure her.

Meanwhile, at the SHIELD base, Simmons talks to Fitz about Aida's capabilities which he does not know the full extent of. Coulson gets a call from Talbot who tells him that he is wanted at a meeting, Coulson tells him no as Aida is tracking him down and he will only bring danger. Daisy manages to track down Robbie and she brings him to the jet. Coulson asks Robbie where he went, and he tells them that Hell is a loose term and that the dimensions (dark dimension?) and space are all connected, in a war.Robbie got out when Aida created herself a body it created a hole in hell which he escaped, and the spirit of vengeance within him is attracted to dark matter, like the dark hold.

When Robbie took down the LMD's there was a new one. They track the LMD called Sergei and find that someone with the exact face is attending the meeting Talbot invited Coulson to.
The team heads out. At the meeting, LMD Ivanov and Sergei are at the meeting. They talk to everyone about eradicating Inhumans and they put the dark hold book on the table and suggest that this is the key. Talbot steps up and says that this is nonsense. Daisy walks into the room and shoots Talbot.

We find out that it is an LMD of Daisy who shot Talbot, so Coulson, May, Daisy and Robbie get to the meeting, they take the dark hold and fight the LMD's. Talbot is alive, but the there is footage of LMD Daisy shooting Talbot, which no one knows is an LMD. Thus there will be an Inhuman fear into the public like the framework. Robbie faces Aida once again and does some damage to her, Ghost Rider and Daisy uses their powers combined to take down the Daisy LMD.

With the dark hold, the team decides to touch back down at the base, to keep the framework on for Yoyo and Mack.

Inside the Framework, Radcliffe rescues Yoyo, and the two go to the resistance base. Mack is evacuating the resistance base, and they all leave on a bus. Things in the framework keep disappearing, like the bridge they were going to escape. Daisy built in a backdoor to the framework in Mack's house, and after everyone disappears part from mack, Hope, Radcliffe, and Yoyo, they head there. At Mack's house, Radcliff and Yoyo are discussing why Mack doesn't want to leave, Yoyo says why he is staying with a girl who isn't real, which Hope hears.

Back in the real world, Fitz and Simmons are working on the servers. Aida teleports to them and she knocks down Simmons and tells Fitz she wants the framework and wants the dark hold book. Simmons grabs a knife and attempts to kill Aida, who stabs Simmons with the knife and Fitz tells Aida where the dark hold is in order for Simmons to be released. Aida electrocutes Simmons and leaves. Aida comes to Coulson who has the dark hold. We cut to knocked down Simmons and we find out that it is an LMD. Coulson tells Aida that there is one thing Aida does not get "teamwork" the real Simmons comes behind Aida and shoots her with a gun.

Coulson turns into the Ghost Rider and starts attacking Aida. Aida grabs Coulson Ghost Rider and she teleports around the world. She eventually teleports back under the base, and Coulson Ghost Rider picks Aida up and disintegrates her. Aida has one last look and makes direct eye contact with Fitz.

Back in the framework, Mack hugs Hope and ensures her that she is real. All the furniture in the house disappears. Yoyo decides to stay with Mack. Mack holds onto Hope with all that he has, but then she disappears. Mack cries out with his daughter gone. Back in the real world, the framework is closing, Daisy and Robbie are waiting for their friends to wake up. Yoyo wakes up, and she cries for Mack, who eventually wakes up.

Down with Coulson, Robbie sees him and the spirit of vengeance goes back to Robbie. Robbie tells Coulson that he has to hold up his end of the deal with the Spirit of Vengence.
Mack and Yoyo reunite, and Yoyo apologizes for taking Mack away from his daughter. Mac tells her that it is okay because the framework gave him a gift of experiencing memories with his daughter, ones he may not have ever imagined.

The team gathers around as Robbie creates a portal to hell with his chain. Coulson gives Robbie the dark hold. Robbie tells the team to take care of Gabe, his younger brother.Robbie and the team parts way.

Coulson tells the team that they need to leave. Fitz said that he will stay, he will take blame for the footage with LMD Daisy shooting Talbot, and Fitz believes he will take blame for Aida and all she has done. Daisy tells him no, and that they are a team who will stick together through the thick and thin. Coulson tells the team that before they get arrested they should get something to eat.

In the framework, Radcliffe has a drink on the back in honor of his wife. He then disappears with the framework.

At a diner, Mack, Yoyo, May, Coulson, Simmons, Fitz, and Daisy have a meal. The lights go out and we find that a shadowed figure comes in with armed soldiers. Coulson tells him he did a good job with the lights out. The mysterious shaded man uses a freezing device to capture the team.

The episode ends with Coulson in a prison bed. He wakes up and he finds a window, and he sees that he is floating in space, Coulson then says "time to get to work."

The ending of the episode was interesting, so we see Coulson in a space prison. There are two things to count for here,
-The deal Coulson made with the Spirit of Vengence
-The mysterious arrest of the team

If feel like this scene in relating more to who captured the SHIELD team. There are many theories suggesting that STRIKE (space SHIELD) are behind the team being arrested which would be awesome, so Agents of STRIKE for the begging of season 5 would be cool. This could be a possible tie-in with Avengers Infinity War.

In the episode the cast was great. Mallory Jansen was amazing as Aida, she was such a great villain to have on the show, with her experiencing all these emotions for the first time and her not having the power to manipulate people, it worked out really well. Henery Simmons as Mack, the character was amazing, I liked his arc the most in the framework, as it was a hell to everyone else, to Mack it was a gift. He could experience the life of his daughter Hope, played by Jordan Rivera. who was also neat to see on the show.

John Hannah, great to have him on the show, sad to see him leave, but he had a great arc over the two season he was on the show.  But the rest of the cast, Clarke Gregg (Phil Coulson), Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May), Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson), Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons), Iain De Caestecker (Leo Fitz), Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Yoyo Rodriguez), Adrain Pasdar (General Talbot), Zack McGowan (Anton Ivanov), Pattrick Cavanagh (Agent Burrows), and Joel Stoffer as the silhouetted man. It was ashamed that we didn't get closure on other framework characters like Trip and Ward.

Gabriel Luna, he is so awesome as Ghost Rider. It is amazing that the character could appear on the show, first of all, and it worked well. I hope this isn't the last we see of the character, I am sure he will come back to help once in a while.

Overall, this episode of Agents of SHIELD was a good end to this amazing season, we saw great development in the character of Mack, and we saw the return of Ghost Rider. The cliffhanger we were left on was very interesting. I will give the episode an 8.5 out of 10.
Season 5 will not be coming back until January, where it will air on Friday's. Taking its place in October will be the Inhumans tv show. I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode, and what do you want to see next year with the show. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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