Season 5 Episode 21:

Hey, everyone, tonight's episode of Arrow sets up some insane stuff that may be happening later on in the last two episodes. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode starts with Oliver at his office, and he gets a package. thought to be a bomb. Oliver opens it up and finds a corpse in cement. After some DNA test, Oliver and the team find out that the cement is from a Queen consolidated business. The corpse in the concrete is a council person. The team also has to go and capture the criminals that were let free as Adrain Chase testified against them. Thea comes back to Star City, as Chase might be after her. Oliver tells Quinten and Dinah to not get the news get public.

Rene tells Quinten that there is going to be a hearing which he can get custody of his daughter.Meanwhile, in the Arrow cave, Felicity did manage to link the cement to a building, and Chase is suspected to be there. Diggle and Oliver go out there. Dinah and Curtis are spying on Sampson who is stealing chemicals, chemicals used to make the drug Claybourne was selling, which they can link to Adrian. Diggle and Oliver get themselves in a trapped room, filling with concrete, Dinah and Curtis have to go and save them.

Back at the Arrow cave, Quinten and Rene tell the team that the last person that the council person in the concrete talked to was a lawyer, the lawyer of Claybourne. Oliver and Thea meet with the lawyer, and they ask him questions, the lawyer gives Oliver a flash drive, which he was given to by Adrian.
Thea watches the video on the flash drive, and she tells Oliver to watch it to. The video is of security footage of Robert Queen accidentally pushing the councilman into a bath of concrete. Oliver tells Thea that Adrian is trying to prove that their fathers were no different. Oliver gets a call from text from Felicity that she knows what Adrian is planning. Oliver asks Thea if she wants to come and doesn't want to.

Oliver gets to the Arrow cave and he talks to Felicity, about his father, how he left Thea the video of her to guide Oliver. But Oliver can not trust his father, he was a murderer, he killed a man, and sent Oliver on this crusade. Oliver knew he wasn't all good, but for Robert to take a man's life and cover it up by erasing the footage makes Oliver question did he really know his father.Felicity tells him this is what Adrian wants. Felicity tells him that the Green Arrow has made people's lives better and it is time he comes back, and for Oliver not to live in his father's legacy, but his own.Felicity gets a location of where the drug deal with Sampson is going down.

The team goes to the location, and this time Oliver is suited up as the Green Arrow. Rene and Dinah are already on the roof and Sampson is doing a trying to recreate a drug. Oliver, Diggle, and Curtis get up the stairs and are confronted by Prometheus. Olivers says he will fight Adrian, and Diggle and Curtis go to the roof. On the roof, Curtis powers down the drug device, while Dinah, Rene, and Diggle hold off Sampson and his men.

Down below, Adrian and Oliver fight, Adrian takes off his mask and pulls out a sword. Adrian tells Oliver that their fathers were no different. Oliver tells Adrian that his father wasn't a good man, which Adrian knew, and is fighting in his name. Oliver goes on to say that Adrian's father wanted to disown Adrian. Adrian falls to his knees, in shock. Oliver tells him that his father was not a good man, but he stood beside him. Adrian puts his sword on the floor and tells Oliver to kill him. Oliver doesn't put knocks him out.

In the Arrow cave, Oliver tells everyone that they won, they won against Adrian, he is locked up. Oliver gives Thea the video Robert left for her, and she watches it, and it doesn't phase her too much as she knows the truth about everything, Malcolm being her father and all, but it was still a good scene.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli go on a plane to the island. Oliver puts an arrow through the Deathstroke mask. Anatoli gives Oliver a wig, to fake a crazy beard and hair. The two part ways and Oliver is building his hut, but then he is shot with a dart, and Kovar knocks Oliver out.

Also happening in the episode,  Rene was questioning if he was fit to get custody of his daughter, Quinten tells him that she needs to make memories with Rene, as Quinten probably wishes he could be with his daughter's Laurel (who passed away), or Sarah (who is stuck in time)At the hearing to get custody of his daughter, Rene doesn't show up, not get custody of his daughter, but disappointing her.

The next day Oliver holds a press where he says that Prometheus has been locked up in an Argus prison. We cut to Adrian in a call where he is watching t.v of Oliver releasing this statement to the press, and he smirks.

I found the scene where Thea watches her video Robert left for her interesting. As that has been a moment that so many people have wanted to see. It was interesting to hear the message again, Thea is stronger than Oliver. It is good that Willa Holland is back on the show, she went away after the mid-season finale, after the invasion simulation and the realization that Oliver created a villain in his crusade, Thea was driven away and wanted a break. But that was an excuse for Willa Holland only having a contract to be in some episodes, not the whole series.

I also think that the ending is hinting towards a bigger plot that Adrian is planning, nothing about Oliver's son, Will was mentioned, with Adrain meeting with him at the end of last week's episode, so something happened to him that no one knows about. With Adrain in Argus, it seems like he will break out Black Siren, who is in the Argus prison. I would not expect a Flash crossover net week as the Flash is going to be planning a heist with Captain Cold into the Argus prison.

Overall, the episode was enjoyable, I liked the end fight with Oliver and Adrian, and how the story is developing and what Adrain is plotting. I will give this episode an 8 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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