Season 5 Episode 22:

Hey, everyone, we are on the second to last episode of the season for Arrow, there was a lot going on, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode starts at the mayor's office, Oliver, Thea, and Quinten are watching the news of Adrain being locked up. Quinten says that he is going to find Rene who didn't show up to get custody of his daughter. Later that night Oliver goes to Felicity's apartment for dinner, but it's a surprise party, but Oliver accidentally knocked down Curtis. At the party, Felicity got a Green Arrow cake, done by Lord Messa Bakery.

John, Quinten, Thea, and Curtis are also at the party. Quinten says that Rene is nowhere to be seen. At the party, Oliver feels like that they haven't won against Adrian, and he feels like Adrian is plotting something or has already plotted something.

After the party Curtis goes over to Dinah's house to give her a modified sonic screamer, like what Laurel had, Curtis talks to Felicity on his phone his whole time. Curtis finds that Dinah's house has been broken into, so he goes inside, and he gets knocked out. Felicity hears this and Oliver and John go over. They find Curtis's phone, and the sonic screamer device, but nobody there. Oliver finds a small dart and suspects that Talia is behind this working with Adrian.

Oliver goes to the Argus prison and he talks to Adrian about where his friends are. Adrian finishes Oliver's sentences, and Adrian tells Oliver that the only way he will find his friends is to let him free. Oliver goes back to the Arrow cave and he tells Felicity that he sent Quinten and Thea to an Argus safe house. Felicity gets an alert on the computer and Black Siren is out of her cell at the Argus prison.

At the safe house, Quinten Thea, and a guard hear a sound, the guard goes to investigate but gets tranquilized. Quinten and Thea go out. Quinten has the suspect held up, but it is Laurel.
Quinten lowers his gun and Black Siren puts on her Laurel act, Thea still has her gun held at Black Siren and she tells Quinten that Black Siren is not Laurel. Evelyn then tranquilizers Thea and Quinten. 

Oliver, John, and Felicity get to the safe house with the police. Oliver tells them that the team is getting picked off one by one. Oliver tells John and Felicity that they need to leave Star City, leave the state. Oliver goes to interrogate Adrian in his cell, he tells Oliver that he must release Oliver before Adrian is transferred, or Adrian's associates will kill Oliver's friends. But Oliver says he will find another way.

At the Arrow cave, Oliver is greeted by Malcolm, he tells Oliver that he wants to help Oliver find Thea, Oliver first says no, as Malcolm lead Damien Darhk to William last year, but this time Malcolm wants to find his daughter, not matter how much she hates him. John and Felicity leave in a car, they think that it is wrong that they are leaving Oliver. The two see a woman in the middle of the road with two swords. The car crashes and Felicity and John are knocked out by an army fo Talia's soldiers.

Oliver and Malcolm find out about the crash and head over to the site. Oliver thinks that he should have cut off all ties with everyone, Malcolm tells him that those ties keep him human. Meanwhile, Quinten and Thea are being transferred and Thea explains Black Siren to Quinten. Black Siren locks up Quinten and she tells him [paraphrasing] "that this must be hard for you, I know how much you cared about Laurel." Quinten replies "yeah, and your nothing like her." Black Siren replies "well you don't think this is hard for me as well."

Oliver goes to the Argus prison, Adrian is being taken out of his cell, and he tells Oliver that his friends are going to die. Adrian then tells Oliver that he will get a call soon. Oliver gets the call, and it is a video message of William being held, hostage. Oliver immediately takes down a squad full of officers, and Malcolm joins him and brings Oliver a mask and a bow and arrows. The two fight their way to Adrian being escorted by officers. Oliver pins Adrian to a helicopter, Adrian tells Oliver that he said that when he is free, his friends will be safe. Oliver asks Adrian [paraphrasing "why he bought his son into this, as he is innocent."  Adrian replies "so was my wife." Oliver lets Adrian go.

Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver tells Malcolm that Adrian is working with Black Siren, Evelyn, and Talia. Oliver's guest comes over to help. Nyssa, who is here to help Oliver against Prometheus. Malcolm immediately tells Nyssa that they are going to fight her sister. Oliver tracks down the place Adrian used to leave so they head after them.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is being tortured by Kovar, who mentally tortures Oliver by thinking of all that he has caused, how many lives he has poisoned. Kovar locks Oliver up in a cell with a gun, he tells Oliver that he can end all his suffering by killing himself, or waste the single bullet and kill Kovar. Oliver hallucinates Yao Fei Gulong and he tells him to kill himself after he sacrificed himself for Oliver's survival. Oliver falls asleep. He wakes up again to a hallucination of Laurel who gives him the motivation to do what is right. Oliver shots open the cell door.

Meanwhile, Oliver, Nyssa, and Malcolm travel in a plane to Lian Yu, the island where Adrian is holding Oliver's friend's hostage, which we see. We then cut to the cell on the island, we find Oliver walking in it with a bag, which he drops. Oliver talks to Slade Wilson, asking for help, and Slade replies "I'm glad you came back."

The biggest scene in the episode was that ending. Oliver Queen goes to Lian Yu and he asks for the help of Slade Wilson. We knew Deathstroke was coming back for the finale, and we know how to s role, helping Oliver out. I am so happy Manu Bennet is back as Deathstroke, last time we saw him was in season 3 where Thea and Oliver went to Lian Yu. With all the Shado mentions in the episode, I wonder if Deathstroke will have a grudge with Oliver over Shado.

In the episode, it was great seeing John Barrowman as Malcolm back in the show as Malcolm Merlyn. He was great, I liked seeing his quest to save Thea in the episode, but him being in the finale, the show is doing everything. In the episode. I am excited to see Katrina Law back as Nyssa going up against Talia. It is going to be awesome.

Stephen Amell was great as Oliver Queen in the episode. I am interested to see how far Oliver will go to stop Adrian. If he kills Adrian, Adrian wins, but if Adrian doesn't die, he may still always cause trouble for Oliver, as seen in this episode. Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase, he is amazing, he brings a great tone to being a hardcore villain and a Psyco path.

Overall, the episode was a really cool episode, setting up the season finale.Mairzee Almas directed the episode really well, I enjoyed the end tag at the episode, and the return of Deathstroke, Malcolm, and Nyssa. I will give this episode a 9 out of 10. I would like, to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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