Season 5 Episode 20:

Hey, everyone, Arrow is out, and the episode we got was a small episode, but it dealt with a lot of past events, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode picks up from last week with an EMP going off in the Arrow cave. Oliver and Felicity are trapped, however, Felicity can not move her legs as the implant that helped her walk again stopped working from the EMP. Oliver and Felicity try to find ways to escape.Oliver gets worried the Adrian is plotting something or trying to get William, as Adrian knows about him.

In the Arrow Cave, Oliver attempts to climb the elevator shaft, but Cisco placed traps everywhere in case of invaders. Oliver injures himself, so they try to escape the cave using Felicity's idea. They try to use the motorbike to create some electricity, but it goes terribly, and some shrapnel hits a pipe of methane gas which starts flowing through the place.

Later on, Curtis finds that there is no power in the building and he calls over the team to find out what is going on. Curtis, Rene, and Dinah go over the Diggle's place to ask for help, Lyla offers help as well. The team gets above the Arrow Cave and attempts to get through the elevator shaft, but they find the methane gas coming up which means they have the hurry to save their friends from suffocating. Diggle has a talk with Lyla and they promise not to keep secrets from each other.

Oliver and Felicity manage to get down into a secret floor beneath the Arrow Cave. The two manage to get down there. Oliver falls over and  Felicity tries to help him, he tells her that he does trust her, but he doesn't want Felicity to go down the path he is going on. Oliver talks about how Adrian told him that he was a monster, and he killed because he liked it. Felicity tells Oliver that after spending 10 years in hell, Oliver has not become a monster, after all, he has been through, he still remains a hero.

Above, Lyla gives Curtis a modified T-sphere, that she may or may not have stolen. Curtis controls it and busts through the wall to get to Oliver and Felicity. Oliver carries Felicity, and the two follow T-sphere through the ventilation system. Oliver collapses but the T-sphere has an injection which Felicity gives Oliver to boost his energy. The two make it to the end of the ventilation system, above the big giant fan. Diggle comes down and with a leap of faith, Oliver and Felicity are rescued.

At the Argus headquarters, John and Lyla make up. Felicity gets her implant fixed by Curtis and she goes to see Oliver in a hospital bed and the two are thankful to see each other again, with the two trusting each other.

In the flashbacks, we actually get flashbacks to 11 months ago, so between season 4 and season 5. We see Felicity and Oliver spend some quality time together in the Arrow Cave. The two have dinner and wine down there and sleep together.The next morning Felicity says that it was nice what they did, but it doesn't change the way she feels about Oliver, that being she feels Oliver doesn't trust her, especially with him not telling her about his son.

The episode ends with Willaim getting off a school bus, Adrian walks up to him and asks if his name is Willam, he denies, and Adrian tells him that he knows his father [Oliver] and Oliver knew his [Adrian] father.

The biggest scene in the episode was the end. Adrian is going after the kid. William is a magnet for Oliver's villains, as that is one of Oliver's weakest points, his child. Last season Malcolm abducted William, but team Arrow got help from Vixen, I wonder if they will get help from her this time. I am excited for what the show has in store for the final episodes of the season, and how far Adrian will go to break Oliver.

In the episode, I enjoyed Emilly Bett Rickards as Felicity and Stephen Amell as Oliver. The relationship between the two parallel between the flashbacks and present, with the two having trust issues. However, in the present day, Felicity and Oliver trust each other. In the past couple episodes, Emilly Bett Rickards has been killing it as Felicity, with the character's storyline and the trust she has with her team, it is enjoyable to see.

Overall, Underneath was a good episode, the cinematography looked great, with the purple lighting, which looked awesome, and the character development worked well for the story told, which in itself was small but dealt with large areas of development. I will give this episode of Arrow an 8.5 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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