The first trailer for the new CW superhero show Black Lightning is out. Funny story, I didn't see this in my subscription box, I for some reason missed it, but it is here.In the trailer, we learn about the characters in the show, and the story going on, so let's break down the trailer.

 The trailer starts off in 2005 where Jefferson Pierce is suited up in the classic comic book Black Lightning suit, he is in the school taking down this 100 gang. It appears that he will get seriously injured. With voice narration from Nafessa Williams' charter, that we learn that Black Lightning was well recognized a bought hope.
 Jefferson pierce is bleeding in a bathtub with his wife, played by Christine Adams telling him to stop being a hero and letting someone else protect the city.
 Jefferson Pierce 12 years later is the principle of a high school, where he seems to be doing relatively well.
We learn that this 100 gang is out on the streets as there is no Black Lightning. Jefferson's family is in the middle of all this, this may force Jefferson to become the Black Lightning again.
Jefferson is being arrested. It seems like he could have been trying the interfere with this gang business but in doing so he is blamed for an incident.
Jefferson making repairs to his suit, to back out on the streets. The suit is an upgraded version, the one we will see him wear in the present day.

 The 100 gang comes into the school and it seems like they are specifically aiming Jefferson's family, as they may know his identity.
Jefferson suits up again as the Black Lightning. He is taking out this 100 gang with all his powers in his upgraded suit, which looks really neat up close with the yellow and blue lights.We see the display of powers from Black Lightning which is to create electricity.
Nafessa William's character is Anissa Pierce, Jefferson's daughter. It seems like she is fit, and maybe she wants to help her father fight crime. The trailer does not show that she has any powers, but she might, as for her sister.
Jennifer Pierce, played by China Anne McClain, is experiencing her powers for the first time, the powers look interesting, I am guessing they will be similar to her father's, Black Lightning.
This is so awesome, Black Lightning can use his powers as a form of telekinesis. I love what he is doing here, picking on the 100 gang "Is that your car, it was nice."
This is Jefferson's lab where he does his Black Lightning stuff, this seems to be the same set as Barry Allen's forensic lab which I will talk about the tie in with the other shows in a bit.
The last shot of the trailer is of Jefferson's daughters telling him he is over protective. This set seems to be the same as the Jitters from the Flash. But this was a great scene.

Black Lighting, is it in the Arrowverse? no, it is not, Black Lightning will take place on a different Earth, but with the multiverse, the show can be like Supergirl and still be connected, but not super connected. I am wondering if Black Lightning would appear in the DCTV crossover in December like Supergirl did last year.
Anyway, I am looking forward to Black Lighting, Cress Williams looks awesome as the character ad I am looking forward to this family aspect of this show, which looks interesting. I would like to hear your thoughts on the trailer down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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