Baby Groot the movie:

This is the spoilers review for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, there is a non-spoiler review which you can check out, but you have been warned that this is a heavy spoiler review.

So Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2 picks up 2 months after the first film with the team being universally famous.
After the Guardians defeat the Abilisk for Ayesha, the Sovereign leader. They get Nebula in return, however, after offending them and stealing some of their property, Rocket gets the Guardians into a dogfight where they are saved by a mysterious ship, which is controlled by Ego, Star-lord's(Peter Quill's)  father who has been searching for Peter his whole life. With Ego is Mantis. Wanting to learn more about his heritage, Star-lord, Gamora, and Drax go with Ego and Mantis to Ego's planet. Peter learns about his heritage and how his father is celestial, a living organism that can create matter and created himself to be a planet.So he explored life, found Peter's mother, planted a plant and impregnated her.
Meanwhile, with the Milano crashed, the Ravagers come to take down the Guardians after the Sovereign place a bounty on their heads. During this incident, Tazerface leads a coup, on Yondu, leaving Yondu, Rocket, and Baby Groot in prison. Nebula decides to leave to finish business with Gamora. Yondu, Rocket and Baby Groot manage to leave with Kraglin, the only Yondu supporting Ravager alive. The four leave for Ego, destroying the Ravagers ship and passing Stan Lee talking to the Watchers.

Nebula arrives on Ego and after a fight with Gamora, the sisters find a crater of skeletons. They ask Mantis (who was with Drax) what is going on, she tells them that Ego is getting ready to create a new layer of his planet, and take over the galaxy as there is another person to help him, Peter.
Speaking of Peter, Ego tells Peter that they have a greater purpose than living, and Peter is in a stance. Ego mentions that he loved Peter's mother, and he was sad when he had to put a tumor in her head. Peter snapped and started shooting at Ego. Rocket, Yondu, and Groot get on ego, with Kraglin being remaining on the ship. The Guardians group together and fight Ego who is getting ready to take over the universe, with the plants he has planted everywhere. The guardians fall deep withing the core of Ego, and they battle an army of Onix's and the Sovereign show up and everything gets crazy. Rocket tells Baby Groot to set off an explosive. So Groot delivers the package to the brain of Ego. Star-lord uses his powers fight Ego, as Pac-man. Rocket tells the team that the bomb Baby Groot planet will go off in five minuted. Using a jet-pack, Drax and Mantis get to the surface of the planet and get in the ship with Kraglin, Gamora and Nebula get up to the ship. Yondu is content to save Peter, so Rocket gives him a space suit, the only one he has. Rocket and Groot get to the ship.

Gamora asks where Peter is and Rocket has to shoot her to stop her from going out and losing another friend. Ego and Starlord are fighting with their celestial powers. Having memories of his family, the Guardians and Yondu, Star-lord manages to use his emotions to focus on power and take down Ego. Yondu grabs Peter and uses a jet-pack to fly up. Ego the planet explodes, so the ship leaves out of the atmosphere. Yondu puts a space suit on Peter and flies straight up to the ship. Peter cries as he enter's space with Yondu, who tells him that he may not have been the best parental figure, but he tried. The two are up in Space, and Yondu dies, and Peter cries.
On the ship, the Guardians have a funeral for Yondu, Peter says "Sometimes, the thing you've been looking for your whole life is right there beside you all along." Yondu, resting in his space coffin is cremated through a yellow laser, with yellow glowing ashes floating through space. Different Ravager factions come and watch and make fireworks.  Nebula leaves, on a quest to find Thanos.We see Kraglin in a sperate part of the ship crying, and we see the original Guardians of the Galaxy, all in separate Ravager factions look out at their old friend. The Guardians with the new member, Mantis watch as they celebrate the life of Yondu.

The post credit scenes in the film:
- Kraglin playing with Yondu's arrow and accidentally stabbing Drax in the arm
-The original Guardians of the Galaxy coming together after Yondu's funeral
- The watchers ditching Stan Lee in space
-Ayesha working on her next project named Adam (Warlock)
-Star-lord parenting teenage Groot.
I will do a rundown of the scenes later.

The actual style of the film was great film, ti brought a bright colorful color palate to the Marvel films, which there is a lack of. Awesome Mixtape vol.2 in the film was great, and by the end of the film, Peter gets a new mid-2000's mp3 player, from Kraglin, who know's if that will be important in Infinity War or Guardians 3. In the film, the theme of family was expanded upon in the film and it worked out well. The theme was big in the last film, but it was expanded upon in a special way in this film, with Star-lords story. Some of the only complaints I have with the humor was the repetitiveness of some of it, it did feel a little too dragged out, like the winking. The film did feel a little disjointed, the villains were not tied together too well, but as individual groups they were great.

The villains of the film were pretty good. Ayesha had questionable weak motives, but with her not dying and her forces being wiped by the Guardians makes her a formidable foe in the future. But in the meantime she will be working on bet science project, Adam Warlock, which I will talk about within the next day or two. But Ayesha was a fun character to watch, from her rage quitting, to making fun of Tazerface, Elizabeth Debicki was fun to watch. In the film, we meet Tazerface, which that is one awesome name. In the film he didn't have as weak motives like Ayesha, his motivation was a little more clear, like here is my time to make my big step. He wasn't a bad villain, I think he could have done a lot more.But the design of the character looked awesome, and Chris Sullivan did do a good job. But these two villains, are by far not the worst marvel villains, they just could have been expanded upon more.

But Kurt Russell as Ego the living Planet. Wow, I knew he was a villain in the comics, but I thought that the films would change it. But no, Ego was amazing, from learning his history and origin, knowing he is a Celestial, and what his motives were, that was great. I loved Ego as a villain, learning what he did to Star-lords mother was heartbreaking and added to the story of Star-lord which I will get into in a bit. But Ego, wow, I can't wait for his return.

In the film the Guardian which stood out to me was Yondu. The idea that he was the father that Star-lord was searching for his whole life was an interesting aspect, and how we learn about what Yondu did for Ego, and he stopped for Peter when he realized what was happening, it added more emotion to the character. Yondu was sent on a side quest with Rocket and Baby Groot. The friendship between the characters was interesting, it was a nice one, building more friendships to the Yondu character, so when the character sadly dies, we feel the sadness, the emotional heartbreak, as we got attached to the character, and he was taken away. Michael Rooker did such a great job as Yondu, I really will miss the character from the Marvel Universe and the Marry Poppins references.

The cast in the film all get a chance to shine. Chris Pratt as Stor-lord, his story arc was interesting, he was searching for his father his whole life, he didn't realize Yondu was basically his father, and he only realized that once Yondu died. Zoe Saldana as Gamora, so great, she was so bad-ass, she had an arc with Nebula which was good, but I did want to see a little more action from Gamora. Nebula, Karen Gillian, great job as Nebula, we get some history of Nebula, and we learn how Thanos treated her, every time she lost in a fight with Gamora, Nebula had a piece of her body replaced with machinery. Nebula just wanted to be sisters with Gamora, and Gamora finally saw her point of view instead of survival. Dave Bautista as Drax, brings all the laughs, the character was not on much of an emotional arc in this film as he was in the last, he had a lot of great humor, and the character, great member of the team. The new character, Mantis, played by Pom Klementeiff, she was great. Her history was interesting to learn about, and she also brings a lot of humor in the film and her and Drax are great together.

Rocket, great as usual, Bradley Cooper, did a great job voicing Rocket, Sean Gunn did the motion green suit performance of the character, and Sean Gunn, great as Kraglin, the character was funny, and made a neat extra addition to the team.
And last of all, Baby Groot. Too adorable, Baby Groot stole the show when he had his moments, from his dancing scene at the beginning of the film, to him saving the day at the end of the film, the character worked out well. Vin Diesel still voiced the character, but there was obviously a lot of tunning. But before it turns into an overused meme, luckily Groot is growing up as we see in the post credit scenes.

Overall Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was a good film, it may not be as good as the first film, and I am fine with that. I enjoyed this film with the themes is followed, like family, which is important to the Guardians franchise. In the film, the characters were expanded upon a lot more, and the villain as Ego, such a formidable foe. James Gunn did a great job with this film, the characters he hs developed are amazing, and this is a film I really enjoyed. I will give Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 an 8 out of 10. If you have seen Guardian's of the Galaxy vol. 2, comment below on anything you liked or disliked from the film, I would like to hear what you have to say. I will talk about the post-credit scenes soon, which were awesome. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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