Chapter 12:

Hey, everyone, Riverdale is out, and this episode is crazy, we find out who murdered Jason Blossom, and we learn a lot about our main characters. So spoilers, spoilers, spoilers ahead for Riverdale, go see the episode and come back.

The episode picks up straight from last week with Betty, Archie, and Veronica at Pops, and Archie and Veronica tell Betty that FP was framed for murder with the gun being planted. Later on, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and their parents (minus Hal) meet up at the Coopers' house. The kids tell the parents that FP was framed, Alice fell into some hot water with her being at blame with Veronica breaking into FP's house, Veronica takes the blame, but Fred tells Archie and Veronica if they tell Sheriff Keller about the gun being planted, they will be criminals.

Meanwhile, Jughead goes to a phone booth to ask to stay with his mother and Jellybean. She says no, and Jughead sucks it in. Hermione has a talk with Veronica about Hiram and how he may be involved in Jason's murder. Archie and Betty go look for Jughead, Veronica tags along, and the three go to Pops and find Jughead. They apologize to him and tell him that the gun was planted and FP was framed.

At the police station, Sheriff Keller interrogates FP, who tells the story through flashbacks. Jason wanted to get out of town, so FP supplied him drugs, but FP found out that Jason was a Blossom and held him for Ransom, for a week, then he murdered him, and he says that he stole the evidence from Keller's board, and he confesses that he murdered Jason Blossom.
Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie get to the police station and find FP being escorted away. Jughead has an argument with Sheriff Keller and he tells Jughead that FP confessed to murdering Jason.

At the Blossom house, Ms. Blossom gives Polly a newspaper of FP being known as the murder of Jason. Ms. Blossom that this will bring peace to Jason. At school, Jughead shows up and he apologizes to Cheryl, but she slaps him and starts hitting him. Archie stops the fight and Principal Weatherbee takes Jughead away, Betty talks to Cheryl and asks if she is okay, but she isn't with the murderer being avenged, her brother is still gone.Betty goes to talk to Jughead and he has given up on thinking his father is innocent, after time and time again, he has been lied to.

At the Andrews' household, Fred tells Archie that Jughead is not allowed to attend school, Archie thinks it is not fair, as Cheryl started a fight, Jughead overhears the argument, and when it stops he decides to leave and tells Fred and Archie he will sleep in the garage.

Meanwhile, at the Copper house, Bety and Alice hear a noise from the basement. Alice grabs a gun and the mother and daughter go down to investigate, they find out that Hal is in the basement. They sit around a table, and Hal tells Betty and Alice that he stole Keller's investigation board at the night of the drive-in because he wanted evidence to not point to Polly and get her in hot water.Hal reveals to Alice and Betty that Great Grandfather Copper who was murdered by Great Grandfather Blossom over the maple business, they were actually brothers. And when one brother murdered the other, the victim's side of the family changed the last name to Copper. So by blood Hal, Betty and Polly are actually Blossoms. Which is why Hal was against the relationship Polly and Jason has as in is basically incest, and the baby (or babies) Polly is pregnant with are pure Blossom blood.

Alice, Hal, and Betty roll up to the Blossom manor at 2 am and they tell Polly to come home with them. They convict Clifford of knowing what would happen and that they were related, Mrs. Blossom says that the baby(babies) will be a pure bread Blossom, and it isn't incest because Polly and Jason are like third cousins. Hal, Alice, Betty, and Polly all leave the Blossom manor and go home.

At Pops, Mary talks to Jughead and Archie and she tells them that as a lawyer she tried to speak to FP, but she only managed to know that FP made one call, and that was to Joaquin, Kevin's boyfriend. Jughead leaves and goes to talk to his father in prison. Jughead gets upset knowing that his father lied to him, and had his hopes up which his family could get back together again. FP tells Jughead to leave and never visit him again.

Later on Archie, Veronica, and Kevin talk to Joaquin about anything he may have seen with FP. Joaquin tells them that FP was talking about some rich guy with another south side serpent, Mustang (The guy Archie got into a fight with at the bar), and one morning Joaquin was called in by FP and they had to hide the dead body of Jason Blossom and clean the floors. Joaquin didn't ask about the body.

Joaquin leads Archie, Veronica, and Kevin to Mustangs apartment where they find him dead. The police come and they find out that Mustang overdosed on drugs. Right before Sheriff Keller asks Archie and Veronica about how they got to the apartment, a police officer finds a bag full of money which has Hermione's initials on it, Veronica stand up for her mother and tells the Sheriff that those are her father's initials and he has been doing sketchy stuff with the Southside serpents. Archie gets in the car with his father who tells him that if he continues going on this path he will end up dead.

Veronica and Hermione get back to their house and Hermione starts crying. Meanwhile, Joaquin is leaving Riverdale, Kevin and Joaquin kiss and Joaquin tells Kevin about some more evidence.
At the Blossom house, Cheryl asks her mother if she or her father did anything to Jason because she heard Jason and Mr. Blossom arguing the morning the boat tipped on the fourth of July. Did Jason hear something he shouldn't have or done something. Mrs. Blossom grabs Cheryl's hands, tightens her grip and drags her to the barn and tells asks her what is there to hide, there is just maple.

At school, Jughead and Betty start taking off names off the murder board. The remaining names are Hiram, and Mr. and Mrs. Blossom. Betty gets a phone call from Kevin and we cut the Jughead Betty and Kevin walking through the woods. Kevin tells them that Joaquin hid some stuff here, near a Blossom maple sign. The three find a bag with Jason's jersey in it.

In Archie's shed, Betty, Kevin, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie look at the jacket. She tells them that Hiram may have hired FP to kill Jason. Betty has an idea and puts the jacket on Archie. The crew finds a flash drive in a hole of the pocket. They put the flash drive in a computer and watch a video, Veronica cries and we see everyone else upset and horrified at what they saw. Betty picks up her phone and immediately calls Cheryl and tell her to get out of her house immediately.
Cheryl says "I understand." she walks to the dinner table and stands next to her mother and says to her father "you have done a bad thing, and the whole town will now know."

Later on, Alice goes to the police station with the flash drive and shows Sheriff Keller and the Mayor of Riverdale the video, which is when we watch the video. We see Mustang taunt Jason who is tied to a chair. We see Clifford enter the room, he pulls out the engament ring from Jason's pocket, and Clifford pulls out a gun, and he shoots to kill Jason Blossom, his own son.

We hear narration from Jughead and we learn that Clifford told FP to confess for the murder of Jason otherwise Clifford would have killed Jughead.At the Lodge house, Hermione tells Veronica that Hiram is coming home. At the Andrew house Archie says bye to his mother, she tells him to stay safe. The final shot of the episode consist of police showing up at the Blossom house, Cheryl and her mother point towards the barn, and the police go into the barn and find Clifford Blossom, changed and there is a spilled barrel full of drugs.

The biggest scene in the episode was the reveal of Jason's murderer, his own father, Clifford Blossom, who murders himself at the end of the episode. The reveal opened up a bunch more questions that what was answered. The biggest question of the murder is why did Cliff murder his own son, was Jason, not a true Blossom, is Cliff not a true Blossom, did Jason steal drugs from Cliff, is Cliff the head of the southside serpents. Who knows, and we will never know as the character killed himself.

I also liked the tease of daddy Hiram coming to Riverdale. Mark Consuelos is going to play Hyrum, which is cool. I am interested to see his role in Riverdale, and what he might cause for the town in season 2.

In the episode the cast was amazing. Skeet Ulrich, great as FP and the storyline of FP was great. In addition to that was Cole Sprouse as Jughead, the character development was great, having been betrayed time and time over, and losing faith in his father was an interesting way to take the character. I really liked seeing how the charter of Jughead was outcast from everywhere, his mom's place, his school, it was depressing to see, but also a relieve when the reveal came, even though it is still quite horrible to know that a father murdered his own son. Which is a twist on the Jughead, and FP relationship, FP was willing to sacrifice his life for Jughead's safety.

Overall this episode of Riverdale, wow. What the hell Riverdale, opened up more questions with the revealed than answered. In the episode the character development of Jughead and FP was great, the reveal worked out well, and the structure of the episode was fitting. I will give this episode of Riverdale a 9 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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