The third trailer for Spiderman Homecoming is here, it dropped very early this morning, like at midnight pacific time, but the trailer is here, there is a bunch of awesome stuff, so let's break it down.

The opening scene in the trailer is of Peter in the suit, which has an A.I. And we even see a POV (point of view) from Peter inside the Spiderman suit. This reminds me of Iron Man and War Machine, which is awesome, there isn't a whole lot of mumbo jumbo going on the display, but it looks neat.

Another scene of Peter being dropped off after the event in Civil War. I like how Peter asks Tony straight after their mission if they're going on another one soon, but Tony will call him for Infinity War.

Ned asks Peter if he "is going tonight" I think this might either refer to the Washington DC trip or the Homecoming. But Peter uses the excuse of the Stark Internship.

Peter seems to be hitting up Tony daily with everything he has done, like stopping bike thefts, helping old ladies. Classic hero stuff.

Spiderman taking down the 'Avenger' bank robbery which they use the Ultron and Chatarui tech against Spiderman which makes him float in the air. But the weapons are crazy dangerous and destroy a city clock.

Peter takes a trip to the Avengers facility in upstate New York.

While being a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Peter gets swept away by the Vulture. This is probably the first time they meet in the film.

We get a better look at the Vulture which looks awesome.

Spiderman confronts Donald Glover's character, who seems to be criticizing Peter in his intimidation

Peter seems to be running out of the Homecoming to suit up as Spiderman.

Michelle confronting Peter on his Spiderman secret, which she doesn't care about

Spiderman gathers a crowd while saving the ferry. Who knows how well known he will be in the area when the film picks up.

Ned and Peter on the Washington DC school trip, they try to get into the suit but find that there is a training wheels protocol in the suit.

The final shot is of Peter saving the plane in a fight with the vulture.

The trailer is really cool, it has a neat tone to it which I enjoy. It seems to have captured the spirit of Spiderman really well. It is neat to see more of the Spiderman tech in the film. There were also these posters released which look awesome. They both look neat, but the one on the right looks more interesting, just because of the color.

 I would like to hear your thoughts on the trailer down in the comments below, as well as your thoughts or opinions on the posters. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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