Vanity Fair released some 40th anniversary Star Wars magazines today, and in them, there were a series of new images, which all look really awesome. So let's take a look at the first image of Daisy Ridley as Rey, training on Ach-to with the lightsaber.We learn that the saber is going to be classed as 'Rey's' lightsaber' not Anakin's lightsaber'.  There is none around her, so it seems like she is taking training on herself. I relly love the color scheme in the image, the lightsaber recolors the whole image, and is the only 'hope' in the gloomy background.

This next image has Daisy Ridley in the Falcon, piloting it with Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca. This image looks really neat, it seems like the two character would have bonded together more over the course of the films.

Here is an image of the Resistance crew. We have Carrie Fisher as Leia on the left, and bb8, we get a new look for Oscar Issa (Poe Dameron), and John Boyega (Finn), and out first good look at Kelly Marine Tran as the resistance mechanic Rose. The coloring in this image looks very dull, this is just a background, so in the film, it should hopefully be more colorful.

We get a look at these people on the planet Monte Carlo. The planet seems like it will have higher class inhabitants, probably sided with the first order. The character designs all look really interesting, and it will be cool to see them in the film.

Behind the scenes with the cast and crew. We have the three droids here, bb8, R2D2, and Anthony Daniels as C3PO, who has his golden arm back, after the force awakens where he had the red arm, which forced a whole new action figure

Another behind the scenes image of Carrie Fisher as Leia, director Rian Johnson, Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker, and the head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy. It is interesting that Carrie and Mark are on set together, maybe hinting at a scene between the two of them.

Bille Lourd with her mother Carrie Fisher. This is a nice mother-daughter image that was captured.

Here is an image of Mark Hamil with Carrie Fisher, it is neat seeing these two have a reunion since being on Star Wars together in 1983.

Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo. The character is new to the universe, and she seems interesting, she may or may not be a big part of the film, but the different coloring of the character compared to everything else makes this character stand out.

Benicio Del Toro as the mysterious character called DJ (Dark Jedi?), the character is described to having unknown motivation, maybe he has his own agenda and sides with the First Order to gain something, like maybe finding a long lost daughter (Rey?), there are many theories surrounding DJ in the last Jedi, people are saying he is Ezra from Star Wars Rebels, but comment below any theories you have.

A closer look at Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. The costume looks the same, and there is no new saber., which I am fine with. But there is a decent scar on his face from the force awakens. Kylo Ren seems to be an interesting character in the last Jedi, with his vendetta on Darth Vader memorabilia.
The last image here is of the First Order, Domhall Gleeson as General Hux, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, and Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma. General Hux seems to be looking the same as the force awakens, but Captain Phasma looks awesome. She has a new staff, and I wonder if she has the helmet off in this film, I am excited to see her.

There is also some interview footage from the photo shoot, where we get some new looks at the behind the scenes of the film sets.

I would like to hear your thoughts on these images from Star Wars the Last Jedi down in the comments below. And what is your favorite thing from Star Wars from the past 40 years? I would like to know down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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