Season 2 Episode 20:

We are in the last three episodes of the season, and everything is building up, but this episode we get huge development for Jimmy Olsen.

The episode starts with the Guardians taking down two guys, and saving a woman who seems more afraid of Guardian than the criminals about to attack her.
The next day we see Lena and Kara having lunch, and Lena tells Kara that she is working on a new project with a new partner (Rhea), but she can't reveal. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Winn are at a marketplace, a woman gets purple eyes and rises into the air and telepathically creates destruction. Supergirl has to come and save the day, but the woman disappeared.

Meanwhile, Lena and Rhea are having dinner, Rhea leaves, and Mon catches a glimpse of her, and he later asks Winn about his parent's ship, if it left Earth, and it did.

The Guardian takes down a drug deal, and one the alien's involved tells Guardian where the woman at the marketplace, where she lives. Jimmy goes to the house, and he looks around, he sees a kid who runs for the door, afraid of the Guardian. So Jimmy takes off his suit and asks the kid where his mother is, and he doesn't talk.

At the DEO Alex is questioning the kid, who is named Marcus, by eating his burgers? Alex doesn't get anything out of the kid, so she tells Jimmy to question the kid, but he doesn't talk.
Jimmy takes Marcus to KatCo, where he opens up to Jimmy. We cut to Lena and Rhea powering up a device, which is a big donut which is powering a purple portal.
We cut back to KatCo and Marcus is going haywire like his mother. The building starts collapsing, Mon rescued Jimmy, and Supergirl takes Marcus out of the building which is was just about to collapse.

At the DEO, Marcus is in a containment cell. The team discusses what happened, Winn picks up a bunch of magnetic science stuff around the city, and Kara recognizes the word as that is what Lena was talking about. Kara calls up Lena, and Rhea answers, she tells Kara that everyone one on Earth will fall on Supergirl's name, Kara puts the phone on speaker and Mon talks to his mother, who asks her where father is, Rhea replies, he killed himself (which is not true, Rhea killed him). Winn tries to track the number, but there is too much electromagnet activity in the area.

Jimmy and Winn take Marcus to find his mother, they do, and Winn has a device to keep them from being controlled off. The mother tells Jimmy and Winn that there are many others that were brainwashed. The device can not hold down that much power, so Winn and Jimmy are screwed. Lean and Rhea turn on their device, and Kara, Mon, and Martian manhunter track it down and go to stop her. Kara tries to stop the donut portal, while Martian Manhunter is taken down by some technology created by the white Martians. Mon grabs a gun and threatens to shoot his mother.

In the heat of this battle, Jimmy tries to communicate with Marcus, who is in the mind control phase. Jimmy manages to get through to Marcus, and that breaks up the telepathic mind controlling.
Rhea manages to take down Mon, and ships start coming through the portal. Rhea calls out to them and tells these Daxamite ships that the Earth is now their planet. We see all the ships travel the National City.

In the episode, the biggest scene was the ending, Daxam invading Earth. I enjoyed last season with National City in distress and brainwashed, it was a threat that one of the most invincible beings in the multiverse (that we know of) found it hard the battle.But this time the threat is bigger, and I am looking forward to seeing how the girl of steel can take down Rhea.

The stand out character in the episode was Mechad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen, the Guardian. I liked seeing the character develop with bonding with Marcus. It was interesting to see his views on people's views on the Guardian, which makes him wonder, why he is still here, just to suffer, every night he saves people who hate him.

Overall, this episode of Supergirl developed the character of Jimmy Olsen well, with his crusade as the, and I can't wait to see this siege in National City. I will give this episode an 8 out of 10. Next week Cat Grant is coming back, so that's cool. Comment below your thoughts on the episode, I would like to know. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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