Season 2 Episode 22:

The Supergirl season 2 finale is here and it was a really good finale. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

The episode starts off straight from last week. Rhea has poisoned Kal with silver kryptonite which has made Kal think that Kara is Zod. So Kal fights Kara thinking she is Zod. Kal throws Kara out of the Daxam ship and they fall to the ground. The two throw punches at each other. Kara manages to get the upper hand and take down her cousin.

Later on, Kara has a dream that she is with Mon-El, and she tells him about her necklace, but she wakes up to find out that she is in the fortress of solitude, Alex helps her up and Kal gets up. He tells them that he hasn't seen Silver Kryptonite before, but it didn't weaken him, but Kara managed to overpower him.

Kara, Alex, and Kal get back to the DEO. They find out that the Daxam ships are getting their cannons ready to fire. Winn opens up a video for Kara to send which she says that the fate of Earth is on her, and she proposes a duel. Rhea replies and accepts the duel. Everyone is freaking out that Kara offered to duel Rhea, Kal trains Kara some moves her learned from war world. Kara has a break and tells Kal that if she wins she gets to keep everything she has always wanted. Meanwhile, John is still asleep, Miss Martian, Megan comes to visits him and she kisses him. John wakes up only to find Megan was only in his dream. John is greeted by Alex and he tasks Kal and Kara from taking down all the publicity of the Supergirl vs Rhea fight.

Kal and Kara go to KatCo to speak to Kat grant. Kat is surprised to see Kal, or as she knows him as Clarke. Clarke and Kara tell Kat to stop publicizing the Rhea and Supergirl fight. Kat agrees as she has a soft spot for Clarke.
The super cousins get called by the Luthors, Lilli, and Lena, they have a device which can spread lead into the atmosphere, a harmless quantity to humans, but will force the Daxamites to leave. Supergirl tells them to get to work, but to not activate it because of Mon.
Kara and Kal go back to the DEO and tell them that the device will be the contingency plan.

Kara and Mon meet Rhea on a rooftop. Mom steps away and Kara and Rhea put their arms on the chest and say "for the Earth." The two fly and punch each other. Rhea takes the upper hand, but eventually, Kara manages to take down Rhea on the ground. Kara says that she won but Rhea isn't playing by the rules anymore, she calls the Daxam fleet to attack.Alex and Maggie are left in charge of the DEO. Superman and Martian Manhunter take down the fleet and the soldiers on the ground. Miss Martain comes down to help as John called to her in his sleep.She also brought along White Martian's who regret their decisions like herself. Mon leaps off to fight the Daxam ships.

With the Luthors, Winn comes to help finish the device which Kara told him to do. Lilli tries to activate it early, but Lena built in a safe which only Supergirl can activate the device.

Back on the rooftop, Kara continues to fight Rhea. However, in Rhea's blood, there is Kryptonite from Krypton radiation. This weakens Kara to a breakable point. More Daxamite ships flood in, too much for the legion of superheroes to handle. The ships have cannons targetted on schools, hospitals, and other highly populated areas. Mon comes down to Kara and he tells her to turn on the device. Kara turns it on via a remote.

The device activates. The Daxamite ships evacuate. Rhea turns to stone and Mon slowly gets poisoned due to him being more exposed to the yellow sun.The Daxamite soldiers from the ground teleport back to their ship. Kara takes Mon to a field where there is a spare Daxmite ship. Mon tells Kara that he has become the better person that she has wanted him to be. Kara gives Mon her mother's necklace. The two kiss and Mon gets in the ship and leaves Earth. Leaving Kara crying.

Later that night we see everyone at the DEO celebrating that the Daxamite invasion is over. Kara is on the terrace where she looks out. Kal talks to her and he tells her what she did was beyond saving the day, and if he had to let Louis go, well he couldn't (Injustice). Kal flies back home. Alex talks to Kara and Kara tells Alex that she needs to hold onto Maggie. kara flies off. Maggie walks over to Alex and she asks Maggie if she wants to get married.

The next day Kara is at KatCo. She talks to Kat who gives her a speech about how they as woman are strong because they have the strength to share their emotions.And the pain kara may be going through right now may only be temporary. Kara has a break outside, and Kat says to herself "go get em Supergirl." Kara takes off her shirt and flies off.

She flies through the sunset crying, that Mon was a person where she could truly feel love. We cut to Mon in space, he holds the necklace in his hand, and then he sees a wormhole open up and his ship flies through it.

The episode ends with a flashback to Krypton, 35 years ao. We see baby Kal leave, and young Kara follows. We pan over to the other side where we find a temple, and there is a baby in a ship which some people in cloaks put some red dot on, and the ship flies off.

In the episode, there were some really interesting things. It was a sad scene with Mon-El and Kara parting ways was a very emotional scene. It was the way that the relationship was built up for the character and how in the past couple episodes he was being more of a hero, the person Kara saw in him, and when he finally became that person, he had to leave.

The ending of the episode was very interesting, I though that Mon would actually time travel back to Krypton, but who knows where he went. But it is interesting as to who or what was the thing on the ship, people are saying that it is doomsday, others saying that it is Lar-On (a Kryptonian Werewolf), there are a number of possibilities.

The cast in the episode was great, Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/ Supergirl), Chris Wood (Mon-El), Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers),  David Harewood (Martian Manhunter), Sharon Leal (Miss Martian), Florina Lima (Maggie Sawyer), Mechad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen), Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor), Brenda Stong (Lillian Luthor), Calista Flockhart (Kat Grant), Tyler Hoechlin (Kal-El/Clarke Kent/Superman), and Teri Hatcher as Rhea.

I especially loved Teri hatcher as Rhea in the season, I was surprised of how big a role she played, and I enjoyed seeing the role, I wish we saw more of her relationship with Mon, like why she traveled all this way for him, but her motives were clear as a villain.

Chris Wood, I personally enjoyed the character from the begging, the relationship problems he had with Kara in the season felt repetitive, but towards the end, it developed nicely. And Mellisa Benoist, she was great in the episode, her performance as a sad Kara was convincing, and you can feel that even the girl of steel can be hurt.

Overall, this episode of Supergirl was a good episode to end on, the way the characters were left was great, and the season 3 teaser was interesting. I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10. I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode, down in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, be safe, take care.

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