Season 2 Episode 21:

Hey, everyone, this is the second to last episode of the season, and there was some really cool stuff happening in the episode, with Calista Flockhart returning and a really neat cliffhanger. So spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode starts off with Lena in the hands of Rhea. We see the Daxam forces invading National City, there are explosions, and soldiers invading. The DEO headquarters get ambushed and Alex and Winn escape. Alex, Winn, James, Maggie and Supergirl meet up in an abandoned diner with some DEO agents and knocked out Martian Manhunter from last week. Lilli Luthor comes over and offers help to the team, she tells them that she was right as the aliens are invading. The team tells her that they will not use her help, but Lilli gives Kara her number.

On board Rhea's ship, she is having a face cam talk with President Lynda Carter who is telling Rhea to get her ass out of National City and Earth. Rhea tells the President that she can invade DC, but the President is on Air-force One heading towards the Daxam fleet. Winn manages to get a view on the call and Kara and Alex watch. On the call, Kat starts roasting Rhea telling her that she is a try hard at being a Queen. The Daxam ship hits an engine on Airforce One, Supergirl saves Kat, but not the president. The two land. They find President Lynda Carter alive but she reveals to them that she is an alien.

Back at the DEO resistance headquarters, Kat and the President are welcomed. Alex tells Kara that they need to blow up the Daxam ship with a laser at the DEO, even though Mon and Lena are on it.

On the Daxam ship, Rhea tells Mon and Lena that they have to marry each other, the both say no, but Rhea threatened to blow up a children's hospital.

Back on the ground Kara takes a break outside, Kat asks her what is wrong and Kara tells her that her boyfriend and her best friend are on the ship and she doesn't want it to be blown up. Kat tells Kara that it is human to want to save those closest to you. Kara flies off and asks Lilli and Cyborg Superman for help.

Back at the DEO resistance base, Alex is wondering if they should use the help Lilli is offering. Alex agrees that they need the help. Winn places a chip on Cyborg Superman, without him knowing. Alex and Maggie head to the DEO base to use the laser. Supergirl, Lilli, and Cyborg Superman use the phantom zone projector in the fortress of solitude to teleport to the Daxamite ship which Rhea is on. Winn and Kat go to the  KatCo building where Kat plays a message to inspire the people.

Kara, Lilli, and Cyborg Superman get on the ship. They fight their way through Daxam soldiers and they find Lilli and Mon breaking out of a cell after they were thrown in there after their wedding. Kara is happy to see Mon, but Lilli grabs Lena and Cyborg Superman and teleports off the ship. Kara knew that Lilli would betray them, so Winn placed a chip on Cyborg Superman to control him into opening the portal. Kara tells Winn to leave as she will give Rhea a proper trial.

Back at KatCo, Daxam soldiers are invading and Jimmy comes in as the Guardian, and Kat automatically recognizes

Mon gets back on the ground. He tells Alex that Kara is still up on the ship, and the laser will kill her. President Lynda Carter tells Alex that she must destroy the ship, losing Kara. But then the laser gets destroyed by a Daxamite ship.

On board the ship, Kara confronts Rhea and tells her that she can not invade Earth. Kara goes to punch Rhea but Kara is taken down, by her cousin, Superman.

The biggest scene in the episode was the ending. Supergirl confronts Rhea and she gets taken down by Superman. We knew he was going to be in the finally of Supergirl, but he is on the other side. It is so cool seeing Superman on the show again, played by Tyler Hoechlin. But it would be so cool if he had the black suit. That would be awesome.

In the episode, we had Calista Flockhart back as Kat Grant, and she was as always so awesome. I love the vibe she gives off like here the first scene in this episode is of her roasting Rhea, she is such a great character who I miss not being on the show, but it was great seeing her return.

Overall, this episode was a really neat episode. I liked seeing the whole invasion on National City, it was great seeing the characters fighting their way through this. The character development was great, with Alex thinking about Kara, but trying to do things for the greater good, we also had Calista Flockhart back, which is great, and an exciting cliffhanger. I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10. Comment below your thoughts on the episode, I would really like to know. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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